MSANDO’s killers will never have peace as his ghost reappears! What his mother has done is causing panic

..brought to book.

She noted that the Government’s continued silence over Msando’s death was stressing and haunting her.

The 72-year old said she did not want to die before getting the full details of who killed Msando in cold blood.

“I am troubled. I have not been eating well since July.”

“I am sick because my son who used to take care of me is not there.”

“Now, I have only one plea to the Jubilee Government, tell me who killed my son and why,” Maria said.

“It has been two months since my son was murdered and buried.”

“To date, I still watch the TV and listen to radio just to know if they have arrested any suspect.”

“I just want to know the person. I will not take revenge on anyone,” she added.


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  1. Musando was a funny character with a randy behavior. So, let's not paint him a saint. However, his death in my opinion was not a triangular love episode at all and hid side chick has been with him for many years. She died a sad death she wasn't part of. His death was well planned and executed. It was political and by his own relations. That night he shared dinner wit a relative and returned to his office late that night. There must be guys known to him who came knew his plans for that night and must have arranged to meet with him may be for a late night drink. He took his girlfriend with him. His buddies were probably not aware he had company. They most likely left his car at the point it was found and they got a ride from the friends. Tbese must be the guys who assassinated him and after doing it they had had out of the inevitable to kill the girl and eliminate any eye witness. The ODM leadership and relations must have cooked the plot and this connects very well with the appearance of strange electoral material in certain locations that ended up in the IEBC server. When the petitioner leagal team confidently asked the Supreme Court to grant the order for their access to IEBC computers, and it would take no more than 30 minutes to dig out the fake results. Just think about it 5 out of 40,800+ polling stations' Form 34As was the key signal the lawyers for the petitioner were well briefed on what it is they were looking for and knew all too well how the fake results were cautiously transmitted from specific stations. It's just simple logic not rocket science.

  2. I thot baba revealed the names.........ama ilikuwa siasa tu?

  3. who is in panic admin, you seem to know a lot and the bereaved lady is suffering while you write passages that insinuates foul play that you know. Why don't you say what you know.

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