MIKE SONKO’S election could be nullified as it emerges he was illegally declared winner just like UHURU

 Sunday October 1, 2017-Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko’s victory could be nullified any time just like his friend, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

This is after it emerged that the IEBC illegality declared him winner of the Nairobi gubernatorial contest.

This was revealed by renowned lawyer, Miguna Miguna, who also vied for the same seat as an Independent candidate but lost to Sonko.

Venting on social media, Miguna alleged that Mike Sonko was illegally declared winner using fake forms just like Uhuru, and that his victory should be annulled and be arrested.

He noted that out of the 17 forms that were used to declare Mike Sonko as the winner of the contest, 15 of them were fake and only 2 were genuine.

“Of the 17 Form 37Bs used to fraudulently declare Mike Sonko Nairobi Governor, 15 are fake. We are going to arrest Sonko soon,” Miguna said.


  1. Bullshit

  2. If wishes werehorses, you could ide on them.

  3. Admin wacha ufala of all the people Miguna Miguna?????????? hi ni mcheso ya baba he dreams something and tells Orengo to put it into law upuzi.

  4. If Mr. Michael was to vie for the same post with Mr. Raila, I will not be surprised if Mr Michael beats Mr. Raila. The young man has managed to get into the hearts of the poor not violently but cleverly..someone comes and takes you to nairobi hospital for free and he is not your father, someone brings you water for free and you have not taken a birth for 3 days, and he is not your husband...someone tells you thro the media not to use mpesa and you just taken an mshwari loan and you owes safaricom,,,,who will you vote for?


  6. form 34Bs...not 37Bs...whoever wrote this nonsense should know kenyans are not illiterate but are a learned lot..fuck up...the only politician in this country who is never voted in tribal lines is one MIKE SONK..his tribe has never been questioned...

  7. There are people who feel that they deserve to lead others.Miguna Miguna you are the most foolish guy around. Even MCAs got more votes than you. Lesson no.1 nobody cares about your so called learned bullshit:Sonko defeated you yet you claim he is illiterate. Nobody can elect Miguna Miguna in any position even how small it i

  8. miguna i thought you had a better way of explaining how Sonko rigged the elections. you cannot get any elective post in kenya not even a chairman of fishermen.

  9. Kenyans let us try to be sober and think before we leap. Idon't understand why people should be using vulgar language in public, "fuck you" why has it become part of us? people are just using it in public. Surely it is very embarrassing to our country, when the whole world is watching us. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. That is according to Miguna. On choosing leaders; let us choose leaders that will take Kenya forward, not just choosing leaders who will always embarrass our country in public, without caring what they are saying and we are following them and praising them.

  10. Sonko so what have you achieved for the last one month apart from making noise and stage manning people that have been evicting tenants.tutarudi kwa debe to elect another governor i wasted my vote on you.and then here is an mca for parklands by the name Jayendra Malde,remember that out of 34,898 registered voters 60% of forms party agent and PO did not sigh.am digging deep into your matter Malde as am finding out who helped you and by what by what margin.so soon i will bring the battle to your footsteps.there are no honest people in this world.

  11. Malde for 34A are now available let as see how things go from here.

  12. Miguna you took the biggest "L" so stfu . Be the lawyer and stay in yo lane .

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