MIGUNA MIGUNA mauls RUTO like a bulldozer for claiming RAILA wants Nusu Mkate Government

..Grand Coalition Government folded up at the end of its term in March 2013.

Miguna said Ruto 'talks, walks like a peacock' whenever he speaks on the impossibility of having a 'Nusu-Mkate' Government.

"Ruto has even influenced Uhuru into becoming a despot because he can't just figure out how Jubilee can share power with anyone.”

“You might think he's the best thing to ever come out from a Grand-Coalition arrangement in this world, such that nobody should ever talk of sharing power,” Miguna told KTN on Sunday.

Miguna, who was Raila Odinga's Coalition Affairs Adviser during the same grand-Coalition Government before he was dismissed unceremoniously, also reiterated NASA's position that the country is in a 'political and constitutional crisis and there will be no election on October 26th.


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  1. Has this Canadian clown forgotten his rantings in his book Peeling Off the Mask? How myopic of him. Now he is already a one man brigade fightingfor RAO? Puh! He should just fold up his disjointed piranha-like teeth and head back to Osgood to learn some politics. At least Ruto knows the game and learned the art while this masquerade was still in political diapers. He can rant all he wants but perhaps for him like his erstwhile fellow lawyer Orongo or Orengo, Miguna has finally come to the full realization that unless you lick RAOs boots, you stand no chance in opposition politics. For him it is a reinvention mode just like Orongo did some years back and now seems poised to inherit babas siasa mantle until Winny D/O of RAO comes of age siasa-speak. Her accompanying baba to London is some form of being anointed to step in Babas boots. She just might make the Odinga dynasty proud some day. I like her. Eyes on you lady.

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