Thursday October 12,2017-Acting interior and Coordination Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiangi,has banned demonstrations within the Central Business Districts in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu following the destruction of property that has been recently witnessed during National Super Alliance (NASA) protests.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday, Matiangi said city centres will be a no-go zone for protesters, adding that the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government will issue guidelines governing the conduct of public processions and demonstrations.

“Peaceful demonstrations are allowed by the Constitution but there’s a law and a framework within that has got to be done. We cannot take advantage to destroy property and businesses of innocent people,” said Matiangi warning of tougher consequences.

He also stated that it is the responsibility of organizers of a demonstration to ensure they are peaceful and orderly.

The no nonsense CS stated that organizers of demonstrations or processions will be required to strictly adhere to provisions of the law to ensure a formal notification is given to the police when organizing protests.

“The police must issue a formal notification either allowing the demonstrations or providing reasons why not to allow,” he said.


  1. We know that thieves were planted among demonstrators to find what to do. You have better things to do than banning constitutionally instituted demo that is our right. You can engage in meaningful issues such as to protect demonstrators, to separate the so called "business community" from true demonstrators by creating a buffer zone and ensure peace during protests as is done in developed and mature democracies.

  2. go and change the law - until then demonstration will be on - weather you like it or not.

    so, stop fooling Kenyans.

    the economy has been fucked by you people with your regime from hell.

  3. eti Their god?' baba,mwana na roho mtakatifu?' Kenya-just stand sill and see how God defends himself from blasphemy ama u ulize King Nebkadnezer-he ate grass for 7 yrs na son yake King Beltshaza of the finger writing on the wall-MENEMENETEKEL! Prof mwamaka

  4. Protestors and demonstrators need to ensure security during their march and ensure participants do so in an orderly and peaceful manner. Failure to that, they should pay for G4S or other security company to ensure the same. Petty thieves mascarading as demonstrators should never be allowed.

  5. demon-strators!! demons strating. That is what they are. Who has not seen them looting and damaging water supply system in Kisumu? Were those ones sent by Jp? Whoever hosts the demos should commit to compensate any property destroyed. Picketing ok, but, their rights end where mine begins!! Can the laws check on the rights of the non demonstrators too? It should be upon the demonstrators to maintain peace and guard against any such attempts as intruders would engage in.

  6. Demons Strating.True

  7. mathiangi, matiangi or whatever they call you. utajua hauju. first get us Chris Msando Killers

  8. Demonstrations are allowed under the constitution. However, hooliganism is not and since it is difficult to know who are genuine demonstrators and who are not. These take advantage and loot and destroy innocent people's property and there is no way this can be justified.Most of the property destroyed belong to hustlers who are trying to make a living

  9. Matiang'i must be reminded that position he holding was previously held by Michuki, Saitoti,Nkaiseri but they disappear after being used like condom by the convenors of business community

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