Lawyer CHARLES KANJAMA makes MIGUNA MIGUNA look like a cattle dip lawyer like MURKOMEN

..Bill of Rights has right to life and also right to property protection.

Miguna had earlier said the Bill of Rights has right to life but he was corrected by Kanjama who used technical legal jargon that made Miguna Miguna look like a pedestrian lawyer.

Majority of Kenyans, who were watching the show, praised Kanjama for being articulate, sober and absolutely brilliant in explaining Kenya’s constitution.

’It is an insult to Kanjama to sit in the same pannel as Ogla Karani,”’ Andrew Maina said.

Charles Kanjama has just lectured the loud Miguna Miguna like a law student on criminal law,” Daudi added.


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  1. Miguna is just bombastic with very little intellect on matters law. Just see the way he tries to twist the law to fit that particular situation he is in at that particular moment. He is also a gun for hire hence using emotions to bury opponents other than the written law or known doctrine. Quite a shame. Kajama comes in a sober intellectual manner with no emotions and should teach some of these NASA lawyers a few things so their come out of their tribal and emotional cocoons.

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