Kenya must continue with or without RAILA, I will face UHURU and beat him - Dr EKURU AUKOT says

..change in order to favor his bid.

"The fresh election cannot be predicated on the decision of one candidate.”

“If one candidate chooses to withdraw, Kenya cannot come to a standstill," Aukot said.

He added that Raila is cant be the only reason not to have the fresh election.

He assured Kenyans that elections will be conducted with or without the NASA presidential candidate.

He said elections are conducted for Kenyans to decide and not for politicians to decide.


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  1. I personally would support and vote Dr. Ekuru Aukot to be the next president than to go for an Orengo driven baba, is totally being misadvised to look and behave silly not just to Kenyans but also to the international community. Baba did the unwitty to say he haf withdrawn his presidential candidature and then refused to complete and sign Form 24A. His a captive of a redical activist who has zero experience in running a public office you can speak about. He badly messed up the Lands docket during the half-boflo era. He wastef his chance to demonstrate his potential for leadership of this country. His prompting of baba to visit London to meet with George Sorros, a Hungarian American well know for funding regime change in many countries as a front player of the west. Although Kenyans were deceived that baba and daughter Winnie were met at London's Heathrow airport by the UK's Majesty Gov officials, the reality is that the visit was a private affair funded by George Sorros group. Ideally, Sorros' handlers and proxies were managing baba's program for the three days he was in London. Why is Kenya a target? Simple, Sorros proxies have been trying to secure IEBC contracts for electronic vote management without success since Oswago's exit. Hassan refused to be used for this and as you can expect baba engineered the well known narrative that his 2013 victory was stolen by Jubilee with IEBC's help. We all know his claims were untrue and the Supreme Court dismissed his petition. He worked very hard to have the Hassan commission sent home just as he is trying it on Chebukati's commission which is not just working. He approached Chiloba to get Smartmach IT coy contracted in place of OT-Morpho of France. This is the reason Chiloba is targeted, and baba is unable to deliver the contract to Sorros even after so much has been transferred to his daughter RMO's account. The withdrawal from the race was meant to cripple the election to give credence to his 'no refoms no election' slogan to open the door for a fresh election in Jan 2018. Meanwhile, he hoped there would be justification for a care-taker govenment with him in it. This hope has been badly frustrated by the High court's decision to order Ekuru's name to be gazatted as a candidate in the repeat election. IEBC has in it's wisdom decided all other August 8th candidates will also run and until baba withdrawal is formalized, he too will be in the race on October 26. Baba has only Orengo to blame for tjr faillure to advise him well.

  2. That's called matured politics

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