Jubilee writes to the international community! RAILA and KALONZO may be deported back to Kenya

...form a Coalition Government with him.

They accused Raila Odinga of deliberately trying to subvert the Constitution.

This is after he realized that he cannot win in the repeat Presidential race.

They also called for the deportation of Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka who are out of the country after withdrawing from the repeat Presidential elections, back to the country.


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  1. Ngunjiri is a busy body trying to sanitize his name from his previous dealing with the opposition.

  2. Raila on return will make a stopover in Nigeria 2 meet His wizard, Buhari must order any Aircraft carrying Rao if within Nigerian Airspace be diverted or brought down

  3. YES!!! I support. These 2 idiots want Kenyans to kill each other. We want them in the country. Kama baya, baya. Deport them back here. They can't set the house on fire and run away. Let the house burn when they are inside it.

  4. let them be here when voting,they will see that kenyans are fed up with them

  5. raila has two faces... in kenya he plans bloodshed..... to foreigners he is for "democracy" ashidwe!!!!

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