Is God angry with UHURU? See what happened yesterday that has even got State House worried

..scamper for safety.

The bees struck just when the Jubilee leaders were about to start the rally at Wundanyi to campaign for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

However, the mysterious bees disappeared into thin air after prayers by Peter Mwakio, who lost the Wusikishamba Ward seat in the August elections.

The Jubilee leaders, who included Taveta MP, Naomi Shaban, blamed the bee attack on Satan.

However, they said that the devil will not stop them from ensuring that Uhuru beats Raila Odinga in the repeat polls.


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  2. Satans power is powerless power

  3. Gods power is always a prayer away and insinuating that God is angry with Uhuru is not true coz we know oposition uses satans powerless power otherwise the bees could not have disappeared after a prayer of faith. Uhuru never provokes God to an extent of disappointing God that He can release bees to attach him or his supporters.

  4. prepare for a flood (in spiritual world it is premature death,sudden invasion/attack),God revealed that when results delayed unncessarily in 2013.when we were praying ernestly for God to intervene).politicians trade carefully...a judgement is alrerady there...7 things God hates..1.lying tongue2.murderers spirit.3.slanderers.4.stealing.5.false witness 6.
    -in the 2013 elections,God got angry with our leaders:revealed a bridge that took half way through over a flooded river...when we turned back,families were shown under threat/attack:2 jungle guys from a nearby forest armed with rifles were attacking our families..and it came out true..alshabab terrorised and went away with our family members lives.
    During Kibaki second bit,due to dirt games God released another judgement:problems ahead that were to start at the grassroots and spread over the nation:one group behind a magnified Donkey,and another behind a Magnified camel down the valley ready to fight.Did nt we experience hunger and starvation the way northern kenya faces through the year?..unga shot up,life was so hard for the ordinary kenya,it was on a saturday night before sund for the results announcement when this revealation came.. my prayer group, we had seen it going Kibaki way since after running away from the valley,up..we met the kibaki supporters singing success /joyful song of mwombogo for the win...My prayer:let us tread carefuly and pray hard for God to change judgement...

  5. msandos spirit will hound jubilee

  6. Si nyuki zinasetiwa na Babu Owino? He bragged about that.

  7. the bees disappeared in thin air after PRAYERS
    "LET'S PRAY"

  8. God doesnt use bees, bees are instruments of satan

  9. Nicholus so Msandos spirit is bigger than God, is that what you are insinuating. Kweli watu wa nasa ni wachawi na wanganga

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