I will not go back to Kenya - AKOMBE says after resignation, “They want me dead”.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017-IEBC Commissioner, Roselyne Akombe, has resigned and claimed IEBC was under political “siege”.

While speaking to BBC in United States where she announced her resignation, Akombe said that she fears for her life after receiving numerous threats.

She might not be coming back to the Country anytime soon.

Akombe revealed that she...

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  1. People were right from the start..This lady was not genuine and she was/is a NASA mole in IEBC..and part of wider scheme to mess up the presidential elections.Period!

  2. A lady with brains!Congratulations for your wise decision


  4. Who wants her dead? The same criminals who shoot babies and high school students and blame the police.

  5. Her interview at Newyork was very clear that IEBC had been setup by politicians who will turnaround and say that election were not free and fair.

  6. Going to safe America lady Rosy was you better option. Your own society has been hostile to the extent of disallowing you to train presiding officers and their deputies. The dangers you faced was obvious for the way you conducted your activities. You did not realize a strong character was overshadowing thre chairman who is a born weakling.
    You now know Kenyans can be radical, rebelious and thick headed. It's good you now can see the risk of listening too much to lawyers can mess you and our institutions. We are in the present state due to what lawyers goofed in presenti g as reforms in our elections laws. Kiraitu and Orengo conspired to put our elections management to a risky trajectory. We have still continued to be directed by Orengo to pursue an impossible electronic transmission mechanism we know very well is not fully and well supported all over the country. Communication infrastructure has not been developed to equal status across the country. We are not on 3G and 4G networks to handle large data transfer. While it was within its right to bring many litigations to court NASA also unreasonably pushed the IEBC to extremes just weeks before the August 8 vote. The Supreme Court much as it needed to strictly follow the written law, deliberately opted to take the state of our electronic and technology a bit too far as if we were in America. Not even Germany which is 780 times more advanced than Kenya but it's still on manual voting. IEBC on the other hand failed to follow the law and the Constitution. I also challenge Chiloba and IEBC to tell Kenyans the truth why NASA is so particular to quit IEBC & how this is connected to the NASA demand to switch from TO-Morpho to an IT company owned by Sorros, who has funded NASA and the Judiciary thru IDLO run by MM an other American-kenyan who is domiciled in the US.


  8. Chiloba was to resign this time as has been writen by different media at different times. She is so much in the thick of the thick of the grand scheme to make elections impossible. She is in the International scheme about oil.
    Akombe utashikia pipe yako ya kufyonza mafuta huko ng'ambo? Hebu Mungu akuone na ushetani wako muuza mamako, hypocrite!
    You are abroad pretending to be the holy one for mzungu to see and you get biger International assignments as your motherland sinks into war you have participated into fueling.
    Evil Roselyn, when the day of the LORD comes and it is soon, you will be ashamed. Mungu si Adhumani.You may lie to yourself with your pharaohs that you are winning but n'go!

  9. Kenya does not need women who prostitute their country for personal gain. All this was within plan Roslyn for a number of years. It is about Kenyan oil. You, Raila, Anan , judiciary and others.

  10. ehhh ...this is one Kenyan who is not patriotic despite education and exposure even in international jobs.
    if she behaves like this for her country in time of need how is she expected to work and solve crises like Syria yemen etc as political affairs specialists.
    Next time iebc shud hire person who has time for his or country not muzungu evil stooge....

  11. you can never trust a woman let them be house wife but not leaders

  12. this kind of nonsense are one that must have katiba changed for Kenyans to be of only one citizenship......look Japan and other modern world ..it ether you are Japanese or not but cannot be of more than one citizenship.
    if she was only Kenyan she wont behave this way ,,,as was serving the other wazungu nation interest than her mother land.....

  13. good riddance of tribal ugly iebc siren....

  14. someone who dates or married to women like this one must be blind or mpango wa kando husband......she is hit and run type for drunkard........
    kwani she caanot do plastic surgery with all the money......

  15. all normal thinking Kenyans must demand referendrum .to change katiba it is either one is Kenyan or not......dual citizen must go.....she is a foreighnors that came to force her second nations interests.....is a spy

  16. true patriot.God bless kenya

  17. This harlot can go and burn in hell. She was part and parcel of the coup that took place on 1st Sept 2017 at the Supreme Court. The constitution must be changed to remove dual citizenship. Akombe spied Kenya for her foreign masters. Just like a harlot she has sold herself. She can burn in hell as much as I care.

  18. Mole inform of commissioner.We doubted you very much.Its only that you have discovered your trick and hypocrisy.If you cannot save your country where else .Behave like Esther and Mordecai.Raila has taught you to expose issues of Kenya to foreign countries.Home is home. Mimi ni mwana Kenya daima.Come rain come sun shine.You destroy you country because you have option B what about us who does not know behold Nairobi.

  19. the lady is a us citizen who doesnt need assylum,kudos for your bravery girrl

  20. Okombe, kwanza osha kuma kwanza because u really stink why lie

  21. She is Nasa Mole & a Traiter to Kenyans!
    Potelea mbali! nkt

  22. IEBC is working for Jubilee and she does not want to compromise her rising star at the UN headquarters just because of a useless drunk good for nothing president.

    I would do the same yesterday if I was her.
    We need more Kenyans who have balls, I mean a spine to stand up to this bullshit in Kenya today.

    History books have a place for you Roselyne!!! Congratulations!

  23. Rao threatened to rape Her, sorry Let Me correct Myself Rao has no Balls. Moi should be questioned

  24. Okombe is sexy. I can imagine the size of her cunt. i would like to fuck her.

  25. what ugly woman...no one misses her in kenya......ata akienda koinange chokora watafikiri ni mmoja wao.
    and amazing you see wazungu marrying this kind of ugly women.....especialy from nyanza..


  27. Yes. Yes because you were only interested with the money you get from the job you you will be a cursed woman and your children like Judas you sold your country for 30&shame on you dirty woman am a woman and ca nnot do what you did


  28. ICC Outreach Coordinator for EA +256772700665 of Maria.Kamara@icc-cpi.int

  29. She's now under investigation by the UN.she might lose her job candid indeed involved in election malpractice, May face charges by the US government!

  30. I know she is now already wearing blankets due to cold cold weather of wazungu in hope she will become yellow yellow to attract wazungu dicks....and big spying jobs...

  31. next election or referendum must be to change katiba for Kenyan nationality only ....no Dual citizenship again.....waende kulamba tako ya wazungu kama wako na dual citizenship

  32. somebody like akombe should be fucked by a monkey left, right,center

  33. we knew she was Nasa's spy all through and we knew she will resign. she has to return back the per diem.(thief)

  34. Make another bold move and denounce Kenyan citizenship! Mkimbizi and traitor!

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