Here is RAILA ODINGA‘s only remaining bullet to frustrate UHURU! He will occupy State House by force

..may end up in court to stop the October 26th poll.

And Article 138(2) would be the main point of focus according to Mamboleo.

He adds that failure by IEBC to conduct elections in all constituencies, the results will still stand nullified.

“He has no option other than ensuring voting does not take place in his strongholds.”

“This will bring the question of legality,” Mamboleo says.

“This will make the Supreme Court to still annul elections in the event there is a petition.”

“The article can be invoked in such a manner it’s a detriment to IEBC.” Mamboleo added.


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  1. If I give you food and you refuse to eat can I be accused of not feeding you? If IEBC avails all the necessary logistics s required by law and you do not turn to vote can you claim that the elections were not done as per the elections law? Voting is an individual responsibility and neither the Government, IEBC or any person can force you or dictate you to vote or not to vote. If IEBC organizes the Oct 26 elections as per law, the elections will have been constitutionally organized.

  2. Now that Raila will be on the ballot on Oct 26, what will he do if it happens that he wins the election? Will he refuse to be sworn in so that we hold another election?

  3. IEBC must play neutral and ensure it has made all the logistics of conducting a free & fair election allowing voters access to polling stations all over the country between 6 am & 5 pm. The presiding officers and clerks will wait fot voters to come in, get identified, vote and go out of the station. At closing time. Counting will take place and Form 34A filled with results. Transmit the Forms to the Constituency Returning boss. Zero votes for a candidate or for two or all, does not mean elections were not conducted in all constituencies.

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