Here is the man who can save Kenya from imminent bloodshed on October 26 - Not UHURU, nor RAILA!

….Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) puts it house in order.

He has also said that there will be no election on October 26th and urged his supporters to unleash violence to anyone who will be voting in his strongholds.

But sharing his views on Monday, Makau, who is based in United States, said the only person who can save Kenya from imminent bloodshed is IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati, who has powers to postpone the October 26th elections and engage Uhuru and Raila in a sober dialogue.

’The ONLY person who can SAVE Kenya from a certain CATASTROPHE on October 26 is IEBC Chair Chebukati. Please act NOW, Mr. Chebukati,’’ Makau said on Monday.


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  1. huyu mzee makau ni pepo. kenyans blood will not be shed by satanic people. demons will remain thirsty. demons always use his mouth. ashidwe kabisa

  2. Enter your comment...let him save his family first

  3. Kenyans of good will you don't force elections on people to rule them. First sort out our differences then we proceed. We are divided than never before. I blame Uhuru's advisors.After 2013 they ought to have worked out ways to unite the nation. All they did was to brag wakikula nyama not realizing than the hungry were watching. Who killed Msando and why? are the questions lingering in Kenyans mind

  4. Shidwe kabisa. Say no Skewed advice.

  5. you have no business hear in kenya,your business is abroad and raila is not GOD to give us condition of tomorrow,i also doubt you whether you are proffessor

  6. Makau, the person who I all along sees everything from the constitution viewpoint now says we can keep the constitution aside and play politics. To him, when it is convenient, he can quote the constitution but when not convenient, he looks for other means to take the country forward other than the constitutional means.

  7. Wacha waendelee kumwabudu Shetani na wanywe damu za watoto wao.

  8. Makau is a traitor and a spy . He has dual citizenship like Akombe. Useless Professor. Let him stay away like his Sister.

  9. Which country are you talking about? Kenyans are not ready to be saved by beings with flesh and blood,God has already saved our country and we don't need any human to save us.

  10. The Devil cannot have a chance to rule this God fearing Country. The likes of Makau's and his erstwhile Odinga's can never have a chance in Kenya. Leave Kenyans alone, fold up and let the country be.

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