Has SHEBESH abandoned UHURU for RAILA? See what she said in the wake of post poll violence

..exactly what Esther Passaris said that earned respect even within Jubilee’s ranks;-

“We need good leadership and I agree on that but surely we can’t rise against each other, we can’t kill each other. We have a pregnant woman who was stabbed in the stomach as she was going to buy her vegetables. We have a painter returning home from work who was thrown into a sewer and his leg injured. Speaking in Kikuyu is what saved him.

“We cannot say that we are preaching peace and we want unity if we put all the issues that have divided this country and continue to do so under the carpet. I know these issues need to be solved but let me ask you this my brothers and sisters, let’s not take each others’ lives. Thou shall not kill. We are Christians, this is a Christian country. Let’s not take our country back.

 “I wanted to go to Kawangware but police told me they could not assure me of my safety because there are two hostile groups, each one from both sides of the political divide. You’ve got Mungiki and Kikuyus on one side, and Kisiis and Luhyas on the other. God does not know any tribe. When you go to the hospital and you need blood, you don’t even know what blood you are getting, you don’t know from which tribe the blood that is saving you is coming from. Let us stop this hatred that we have for each other,” said Passaris.


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  1. Let us all talk peace. Raila, talk peace. Everybody talk peace.

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