French Intelligence leaks UN scheme to overthrow UHURU and install RAILA - AKOMBE right in the middle

..power with NASA leader, Raila Odinga.

The report identified UN employee Lord Mack Malloch Brown as the architect of the scheme to force a Coalition Government in Kenya with Akombe as the point person in IEBC while Supreme Court Registrar, Esther Nyaikai, being the foot soldier in the Judiciary.

“Akombe intentionally handed IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati, a fake form 34C which he used to announce Uhuru the winner yet it lacked the required safety features,” the France dossier read in part.

Kenya’s National Intelligence Service is already investigating the case to bring out the whole truth.


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  1. From start to finish Ms. Akobe looked suspicious. How on earth can you leave a descent job with UN to work for chaotic Odinga? Likewise, she was acting like someone who had something to hide. Glad this traitor is gone back to US.
    Poor Rao, all you tricks and deceits are come to an end.
    NASA is a party of thugs who have nothing to show.


  3. Even a layman knows that the resignation of one commissioner cannot create any crisis.

  4. Jana 24th Oct 2017 nilitomba malaya wa kikamba ..mtoto ancho kinembe kama cha Baganda...missionary style for 200/= then round two was doggy @300/= alaaaaah na piga doggy na mkundu chake kiko juu blinking like vitza indicator...nigonga kama 30 minutes...loh imagine kwa 500/= na 50/= ya gate passso in total i spent 550/= very economical for sexul satisfaction na iko jamaa ame spend 1000/= na bado hata matako ajagusa akijisifu akao na cheap to fuck pogo than maintaining a strings attach...rusheni mawe nugu nyinyi

  5. it was a mistake to fire ex iebc commissioners just cause babu and his mad clique sad soooooo...ehh dialogue.....lets follow katiba all they way...

  6. Spare us this Jubilee bulshit!!

  7. You have reduced yourself into a stupid jubilee propagandist.Your behaviours won't change fact that most Kenyan don't love you and do not listen to you and that you impose yourself on us through stealing elections

  8. Akombe wanted to relocate her family. Which she did. By making those false outrageous claims.

  9. Akombe was in a great grand scheme with ORENGO to install Raila through trickery. The scheme bounced. Thanks to judge Mativo for reinstating Ekuru Okoti and other presidential candidates .
    Akombe cannot have taken a 70% salary reduction for patriotic reasons.She could as well have been on George Soros payroll.

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