Fearless AKOMBE drops another bomb from New York! This is why UHURU detained me at JKIA

..the Supreme Court over irregularities and illegalities, Jubilee has never had peace and it was targeting individual commissioners to silence them from speaking the truth about what happened during the last polls that led to annulment of the election.

Citing the incident in August where she was detained at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and barred from travelling to the US until she gets clearance from State House, Akombe revealed that Jubilee feared that she could expose them out there with damaging information about the bungled August 8th polls.

“The Government thought I had damaging information about the bungled polls and that I could expose them, that’s why I was barred from traveling in August.”

“They were scared,” Akombe said.


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  1. who is she...just ugly woman that thinks know all.....kwani you are now in heaven....that you cannot be arrested or shot by those in the palce you are

  2. Very unfortunate looking woman with a very evil soul who put the country in a mess and then fled. She was the NASA mole in the IEBC right from day one.

  3. Jubilee love only those who advance their heinous shortsighted schemes.

  4. Every Kenyan should be brave to stand for the truth.

    Brave Kenyans vs walambaji wa matako ya ouru

  5. This woman is a criminal and She's already in trouble with the U.S. government investigating how she fraudlently got a visa for her brother...and

  6. Anon 12:20 Akili ndogo

  7. Because you are used to shooting anyone who tells the truth.IDIOTS. Anon 12:20 Your days are NUMBERED nyinyi wakikuyu.

  8. Ugly??? taste her pussy stupid anonymous.

  9. Toboa yote.....expose them....

  10. Who is pulling strings from behind....Akombe is getting dictation from some people in the opposition. No wonder she quit her job one week to the election. Stop fooling us, Akombe.

  11. Why then did she not volunteer this information during the trials? Just the other day she stated they run a clean election on 8th August. Why change now? Also behaving like baba who blames everything and everybody for his perennial losses, KDF, Chiloba, NIS, Morpho, Safaricom, AL Gurair, Musati, mama wato et al. This lady is suffering inferiority complex and her drive is to create a scenario that she is being persecuted so as to get her and family American citizenship- aka land of opportunities as they say. America is no longer what we have always been made to believe. I have many close relatives there and I know what they are going through and are ashamed of coming back home. They live a lie.

  12. Raila You have some major sins to Repent in order to Win, 1. Misusing CDF in Kibera thereby triggering Flying Toilets 2. Sacrificing Fidel coz Thirst for Power 3. Two hundred died in 82 coup, 1200 in 2007 PEV 4.Getting paid by Cord Governors as a Ghost Worker 5.Have Courage to face the knife

  13. We need leaders of this kind in kenya

  14. Tuta wafira nyinyi mashoga.

  15. LADY, are you forgetting you were party to what you call "bungled august 8th polls". I remember seeing you at the front line during the whole process yet you say it was bungled - you should be made to rot in jail

  16. Jameni wacheni matusi... We are all Kenyans.

  17. Woooooooi..... kenyans wacheni matusi. We are all one

  18. Mzee Kobe...stupid and ugly woman. she just wanted a publicity kwa wazungu.
    when talking all the nonsense ata do...shame on her.

  19. The title should have been'fearful Akombe'.

  20. a traitor,she is working for who?she needs to be arrested and taken to jail

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