Did Prof MAKAU MUTUA give MARAGA money to nullify UHURU/ RUTO's win? SHOCKING DETAILS

…International Development Law Organization (IDLO), a NGO that was shut down by the Government on Friday for engaging in criminal activities.

He has been giving Judges money and even sponsoring them with trips across the world.

“Most of the top judges are beneficiaries of Makau’s evil money.”

“We are tracking all the money to shame those judges,” said one State officer.

When IDLO was banned on Friday, Makau ranted on Twitter and called Kenya a banana republic

If I told you that Kenya is a banana republic, all bananas would protest the insult of being associated with that republic,’ he sarcastically wrote.


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  1. If these allegations are true, Makau and all the rotten judges must be charged for treason period. Likewise, all the NASA principles must pay back the total cost of re-election plus jail time for life. At the same time, Mutua Makau should be sent to ICC for intentional cause of death of innocent Kenyans who lost life during the campaign. He is a traitor / reliability to our nation.

  2. I won't be surprised if money changed hands to nullify Uhuru's election. if this happened then there will be a problem of Kenyans ever trusting our courts. I pray that it is not truth. God save Kenya.

  3. Makau is Satun. This country is being auctioned by devils to other devils and some devils in the game pretending to be very staunch Christians. It is not that God does not see or is difeated in this Nation. Huu ni mwisho wa mwisho for all evils schemes against this nation. I do not know why professors cannot figure out that such extremities in atrocities cannot thrive but perpetrators are in self destruction orgies. Ngonjeni muone!

  4. Hello manugu, it is now official that uhuru mulevi and Ruto the exterminator bribed Ocampo to let them free. what do you say about this?

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