Did Justice MARAGA meet GEORGE SOROS in Lithuania after nullifying UHURU‘s win? SHOCKING DETAILS

..collapse of communism, George Soros endowed a swathe of foundations in the new democracies of Eastern Europe. 

The $65 billion he spent in Lithuania has been notably successful.

The foundation, run by locals, sponsored much-needed new school textbooks, plus translations of works ranging from Aristotle to Umberto Eco.

He has also been assisting the Judiciary in Lithuania which invited Maraga when he toured the country.

Soros funds almost 100 percent of Lithuania’s Judiciary budget and he was the one who organized the convention.

Soros is also the man who is funding National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, with amounts going into several billions of shillings.


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  1. Their evil plans will not succeed

  2. seems our judges are under the command of international criminals who collude with naswa to distabilize our country in order to get political power.This marago is not straight.

  3. fools worship demonic money. they are now to perish.

  4. Kenya si Lithuania. Kenya, a Nation under God, Jehovah. Soros has tried touching the right or wrong place. He will bow to Jehovah now.

  5. The Devil's evil plans against this country will be defeated in Jesus name! It does not matter whether the devil hides his agents as religious pretenders or Masonists your work will be exposed to the world to your shame because God's Destiny for Kenya will not be diverted! Shame on you agents of the Devil who will burn in hell!

  6. In his "clever" majority ruling, Maraga stabbed his mother country in the back. He also twisted the dagger to ensure the bleeding country does not recover. The worst is yet to come. Courtesy of Maraga and his team of majority.

    Well, Maraga, you can drink your wine with George Soros and other shady characters. Your motherland is badly in need of prayers.

  7. CJ Maraga is traitor in robes of sins. How does he sleep knowing that he sold the nation to Mr. George Soros? If Judas made it to heaven, you too will.

  8. Maraga, I have always held you in high esteem because of who you portrayed yourself to be Ä man of God"I would hate to belief what I am reading. I don't judge people and I will not judge you either. But if what is written here is anything close to the truth - may the almighty God judge you. I hope you are not happy with what is currently happening economically wise. Bless our Land O Lord.

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