Dialogue with RAILA ODINGA for Kenya to move forward! THERESA MAY tells UHURU and RUTO.

..country into chaos.

“I call on all Kenyans to come together at this critical moment in an open and national dialogue," Stewart said in a statement.

"It is time to reject the politics of hatred and resolve deep divisions.”

“This will lead to healing of the country." Stewart added.

Similar calls were made by Western diplomats with US demanding an immediate dialogue between Odinga and President Kenyatta.


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  1. Do Conservative and Labour in UK dialogue when one loses to the other? Do Republicans and Democrats dialogue in US? Why call on Uhuru who to dialogue with Raila who refused to participate in the election? Totaly unreasonable. In UK Cameron had to resign just for being beaten by Brexit - that is what democracy is it is not pushing Raila who has lost fairly and caused the chaos in the Country to dialogue with a law abinding Uhuru.

  2. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what are you tellng kenyans!!!call him to your country an have dialogue with Raila if yo wish.we voted and thats final.

  3. Is this colonial master telling us they have discovered that during Mau Mau liberation against them dialogue skills were missing......... Are they suggesting to us that Museveni should dialogue with Kony.......have they offered colonial advise to Donald Trump and have a dialogue with either Obama or Hillary Clinton........

  4. Uhuru, Don't dialogue with Raila. Let him go to court or start war as he has planned. Am sure majority Kenyans want peace. Raila can use his Luo tribesmen to cause chaos. Form your government and include sane opposition figures like Kalonzo and MaDVD. Let Raila and Orengo start what they can not finish. The two have screwed Kenya's economy and our business and I don't think we can accept to be pushed further. NO DIALOGUE!! dialogue to discuss what?? Nusu Mkate?? Don't entrap yourself; let the war break out.

  5. We have constitution to follow to the later

  6. The world knows that unorthodox means had been employed to ensure JP does not hand over power to NASA. That explains the good lady's advice,that does not mean its just. We all know now that Rao won the August election coz JP refused to open the servers!!! JP knew they cannot beat Rao in a free, fair, transparent, credible and verifiable election. They went ahead to armtwist and change the goal posts in Iebc and Judiciary

  7. NO WAY!NO DIALOGUE! We cant allow raila to openly defy law and order causing chaos intentionally to induce dialogue ! Wazungu,we are 54 independent yrs old and a sovereign state. Leave us alone,this time we are wiser if raila resistance movement brings chaos we are more than ready to deal with it just like alshabaab.Theres no political crisis in Kenya,we just concluded a very democratic election in which the CJ took part.Assist us to stabilize Somalia and s.sudan instead!Prof mwamaka

  8. lETS put Kenya First This Beloved Country Is bigger Than Any one of us I believe dialogue will be the only key thanks

  9. Dialogue to talk about what and with who. National Resistance Movement is an illegal movement just like Mungiki. It is just like telling May to negotiate with Al Gaida or terrorist outfit. What will you talk about. Maybe Nasa the political party could have talked with Jubilee but now it like mixing water and oil or darkness with day. Nasa aim is to ground the economy, intimidate, destroy and bring to subjection. Jubilee aim is democracy, uplift economy and development and bring peace. The two can not meet it is just like the sun shine during the day and the darkness reign at night.

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