CID says NYAIYAKI forged IEBC documents to force nullification of UHURU‘s win - She will be arrested.

..was possible that someone doctored the report the judges used to reach their landmark ruling that sent shockwaves throughout the continent and beyond.

Chiloba told the CID that all the documents the IEBC filed in court had serial numbers, complete security features and all had been signed by Returning Officers and Party Agents.

During the nullification of Kenyatta’s win, the Supreme Court said many forms lacked security features.

They added that others were not signed - an issue disputed by Chiloba who said all the 291 form 34 Bs had security features and were all signed by Returning Officers and Party Agents.


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  1. What are you waiting for, she should have been in Langata jail like yesterday. Let her rot there for throwing this country to the dogs.

  2. Our God is always faith.Kenyans of good faith lets keep on praying.All what was done in darkness will come to the truth and that is why Nasa had hard time with Chiloba because they new he did his duties well but they wanted to tarnish his name.

  3. Muite during the hearings clarified that security features is not a MUST for the ballot papers. Mbona???

  4. I do not know whether it is the same "Wako the Bull" who is fucking all the ugly wenches but something is very wrong in the Judiciary. Today, we learnt that Joho, the druggist, is safe from harassment. This is a guy who forged a certificate and used it to gain admission into a University.

  5. They should open the servers if they ave nothing to hide....

  6. Thank God that things are unfolding themselves slowly by slowly because it was done to favor one Mr Tinga against the will of the people.Kwisha Kabisa

  7. Kenyans are not blind nor deaf....we are all adults with upright minds

  8. Siku Ukweli ukidhihiri, uongo hujitenga.

  9. And CJ and 3 judges made such serious judgement without verifying the documents themselves?

  10. Atobwe na msumali kabla ya kuwekwa jela

  11. They addressed complicated things like servers. Wanjiku's will could easily be ascertained by opening the ballot boxes. The same public are being asked to queue again. If their is a petition, the lawyers will again ignore the box and engage us with a lot of legalese.

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