BREAKING NEWS: UHURU’s chopper crashes into LAKE NAKURU - Five people MISSING

Saturday October 21, 2017-A chopper belonging to President Uhuru Kenyatta has crashed into Lake Nakuru this morning after it developed a mechanical problem.

The chopper , registration 5Y-NMJ and Aérospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil model, was reportedly flying a team of political staff close to Nakuru senator Susan Kihika to Narok.

 The five were to join President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Wlliam Ruto who were expected to campaign in Kajiado and Narok counties ahead of the October 26 repeat election.

It is not clear if there are any survivors from the crash but police and military helicopters have rushed to the scene to rescue any survivors.

 More updates to follow…


  1. i wiah uhuru could have been in that chopper

  2. What other signs do UHURUTO need to know that it is the FINGER OF GOD that is against them and not RAILA ODINGA?

    From bees at Supreme Court and Taita Taveta rally, to collapsed buildings in Nyeri rally, to fallen sword at Nyayo Stadium, to falling Mugumo trees, to nullified elections, surely, even Pharaoh gave up at some point.

    Must Uhuruto loose their forst born sons to know that JEHOVAH has rejected them?

    "Let my People Go," says the LORD OF HOSTS.

  3. you will die before him

  4. Amen. Just wish he and ruto were on board.

  5. Abdinasir Abdilahi. Continue wishing, Yours may even come earlier

  6. sad.

    could they be now sacrificing their own not that they stopped the peaceful demonstrators.

  7. funda si wewe upoteze wako ama hauna wewe uende

  8. I wouldn't go as far as commenting on the 'finger of God' like the brother below but my concern is with rescue and recovery readiness of our disciplined forces and others in the emergency services. I left home at 4 pm when 'some speed boat' had just been acquired. Is someone telling us a county like Nakuru has no boat? Or that the Barracks just across the highway or the Kenya Wild Life Services who administer the park that includes the lake? How about all those uniformed APs, Police, Military officers and Provincial Admins crawling all over the place with guns, walkie talkies and batons? Aren't any of them trained in swimming and diving? What the heck do they do for all those months at Embakasi, Kiganjo and RTS Eldoret or Cadet Academy Lanet? With Governors taking home millions in wages every month you'd think they'd put in place emergency systems. What a big fat shame! RIP the unfortunate passengers and pilot if they are finally confirmed dead.

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