Blow to IEBC as ROSELYNE AKOMBE bows to pressure and resigns, RAILA was right.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017-IEBC Commissioner Roselyne Akombe has resigned.

Akombe resigned saying the repeat election being organized cannot be credible.

She has been facing threats related to her work at IEBC.

Last month, she was removed from a flight at JKIA and her luggage off-loaded when she has flying to USA.

She was...

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  1. Chebukati and team quits next week Tuesday/Wednesday right before repeat election wondering what NASA and judiciary knew that Jubilee never saw coming.

  2. she has been a nasa mole all along ande she had no option after all loopholes she was used to discredit elections were sealed by the parliament.more will follow and the sooner the better.You can not trust nyanzarites in high government offices any longer.


  4. She was the traitor and why resign while in USA Soro's funding we are still under neo colonialism.

  5. it is time to change katiba to do away with dual citizenship since is cause of arrogance to this jaluo.
    why give jobs to some that have allegiance to two nations constitutions.
    time to be a Kenyan or not.....!!!!!
    jobs belong to kenyans not those that chose foreign lands and wazungus...ways

  6. this is one Kenyan who is not patriotic despite education and exposure even in international jobs.
    if she behaves like this for her country in time of need how is she expected to work and solve crises like Syria yemen etc as political affairs specialists.
    Next time iebc shud hire person who has time for his or country not muzungu evil stooge....

  7. how comes she did not mention fake supreme court ruling that robbed Uhuruto win.....
    she is just tribal bigot and foreigners payroll....

  8. naswa mole at last has gone.....she is not special but sura mbaya....and roho mbaya about kenya

  9. look at her wonder wazungu call us animal names....s*ko mtu etc...
    nikipatiwa na uyu ata kwa ngiza nitakataa...

  10. she was on Tvs forum speaking of good preparedness by iebc but now since his favorite candidate is loosing...she quits to be loosers wife.....

  11. Kenyans must demand referendrum .to change katiba it is either one is Kenyan or not......dual citizen must go.....she is a foreighnors that came to force her second nations a spy

  12. This is a true patriot...I could have also done the same. I guess she was looking for an opportunity but when it came knocking she utilized it well.There could be others looking for the opportunity but hawajapata. Is it a jubilee come Uhuru birthday or election for Kenyans?

  13. Kweli wakenya wanafaa wafutilie mbali dual citizenship.....thus is to stop arrogance and serving those other wazungu colony gavament.m

  14. can press visit her grandmothers home....and we see all that glitters is not gold...

  15. She was in iebc serving raira and his finaciers ....never again shud this kind if jobs go to persons who have another job or with dual citizenship....

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