Blood will flow like a river if IEBC swears UHURU as President and RUTO and no. 2 - RAILA ODINGA

...rise up to resist any attempts by Uhuru to cling to power after the expiry of the 60 days during which the repeat vote should have taken place.

"We have many options....all the solutions are given in our constitution.”

“It is only that Jubilee is unable to read the constitution,” he said.

Raila also sensationally claimed that Uhuru’s Jubilee Party is printing ballot papers at a secret location along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

He said he withdrew from the race because Jubilee wants to stuff ballot boxes.


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  1. We will start with your blood and your family you mumderer you want Kenya to go down with you that's how you care about Kenyans asking for their blood after e very five years??? Even 1982 blood 207and 208 has not been enough how much Moore do you want . Shame on you.

  2. We will start with your blood and your family you manderer Even 1982 and 207,208 blood has never been enough how much Moor e do you want???? How much Moore do you want Shame on you you want Kenya to go down with you do you care when some dirty words comes from you smelly mouth and your father was just like you.

  3. How can opposition hold a country like this? With a running Government? Things do not add up. President Uhuru, save Kenya from this madness. You have the power. Country needs peace and to move-on.

  4. your blood may be........for us jesus shed enough for are the only one whio is thirsty for blood.AT 72 YOU TALK LIKE THIS????????????????GET A LIFE

  5. hahahaaha stupid propaganda and lies will never elevate you to the presidency of this country, look for blood elsewhere to feed your your imps, they are hungry and baying for more blood.

  6. Enter your comment...Ww Kila cku unaongeanga kama mjinga jaribu kuguza baba 2 one kama kenya itakalika 2mechoka ma comment zako za kila siku, kwani ww ni katika hii kenya nugu.

  7. Raila what do you stand to gain when Kenya is lost?We believe in God Almighty and all your dirty tricks will fail.

  8. You said it well Bwana odinga but tell Kenyans - whose blood will flow like a river? Where? in Kisumu? eldoret? Nairobi? Murang'a? where? your blood and that of your family will be the first. I didn't expect that from you but if that is the only way out, then welcome.

  9. Our Almighty God hear the prayer of the people who love their Nation.We are not going to shed blood.Whoever is claiming the blood should start with his and his family. He has sacrificed enough blood since 1982/2007 and 2008.

  10. Yours blood will be first first

  11. Aashe zake za kutisha wakenya,ajaribu kidogo tu!ajue kwanini ngiri hushindwa kufunga mdomo wake.tuko gangary roundi ii.


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