AKOMBE now reveals why she fled the country and announced her resignation from the IEBC in New York, US

..could not tender her resignation while in Kenya, Akombe noted that her life and that of her family were in great danger.

She added that State operatives were after her life.

She said the Jubilee Government could not have allowed her to leave the country after resigning as previous attempts to flee the country were thwarted.

“I could not have done it in Kenya because the Government would not have allowed me to leave the country as it happened in August,” Akombe said.


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  1. of all the people in Kenya is only this idiot that can oversee elections......go to hell

  2. dual citizenship shud be scrapped via referendum....to stop this kind of nonsense.....
    she can even come as ambassador in Kenya.....

  3. mnataka arudi ndio mumalize kama hao wengine? chieth

  4. Mkimbizi and a traitor! shedding crocodile tears to mzungus! dual citizenship eti patriotic Kenyan........

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