AKOMBE drops another bomb from US; reveals all about IEBC servers and what CHILOBA did to RAILA!

...vote rigging.

She noted that Chiloba was hiding the whole truth about the contents of the servers by refusing to open them and lying to the country and officials.

Akombe also dismissed Ezra Chiloba’s temporary exit from the commission ahead of the repeat Presidential elections saying it was inconsequential.

“CEO Chiloba misled IEBC officials on servers issues during Aug 8 poll and his absence won't assure credible election,” Akombe said.


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  1. Akombe, why are you commenting on elections you abandoned? it would be healthy for you to shut up because you are not neutral just as you accuse your former colleagues to be.

    You would be smiling all the way if other commoners sang your song. However this is not the case hence the continued attacks.

    according to the professor the elections cannot be credible because there is no light at the end of the tunnel for her. As you give give your conclusion pls know we all have minds of our own and everybody has eyes to see years to hear and sound minds

  2. Why dont you just "Shut up"

  3. AKOMBE YOU HAVE YOUR INTERESTS THREATENED AND YOU ARE NOW BEHAVING LIKE A CORNERED DOG. All can see that you have such a malicious and dishonest spirit. We can see you are all out to appear as a great and honest democrat for top UN jobs tomorrow. But note, the more you open up yourself, the better. People from all walks of life are unravelling evil you daily including psychologists.All you are doing like a fool ,is tarnishing your image and displaying what a low life you are.

  4. This lady is spineless. Why did she not comment about these things when she was in office? She is just playing to the NASA gallery. She should have zeroed-in on making the next election better.

  5. Such words from a NASA mole are inevitable, we expected worse than that, what a disappointment u are to ur masters.

  6. where did admin get this from the gutters wacha uchochezi bwana

  7. You guys attack Akombe because she has stepped on your toes you fear the truth which she is revealing,kenyans see beyond what you want them to believe the lady is more brave than Chebukati

  8. What exactly do you want done if Chilobas leaving is inconsequential? Do you want to be the commissioner and the CEO and the chairman as well? No one seems to be doing their job right apart from you! I would like to empathize with you, but then please give some good way forward instead of complaining and punching holes to every move done in efforts to move forward. it is tiring.

  9. afret getting free air ticket to dubai you dare speak????hmmmmmm now we know yopu better.

  10. AKILI miguuuni kikombe

  11. You should tell us how much dirty money you were paid to play a judas . Even judas money was helpful. It bought a cementry. What will you do with yours. Your big mouth will hunt you for ever. Are you normal. Even a parrot have manners

  12. Kikuyus don't mind a stolen election for as long as a Kikuyu is elected.

  13. Akombe if only you had good looks u will tear the world


  15. They will catch up with her and sack her at the UN.You can run but you cant hide.

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