We may soon boycott Safaricom and demos to resume Friday - RAILA ODINGA tells NASA supporters

..Tuesday demos that were attended by a small number of NASA supporters.

The former Premier also said that he will soon call for an economic boycott of companies (including Safaricom) that he has named as having "sabotaged" his election.

He said Safaricom and French tech giant, Saphran Morpho, colluded with IEBC to rig the election.

But in a fast rejoinder, Safaricom termed Raila Odinga’s remarks as ‘old man dream’ and asked him to table evidence on how it hacked into IEBC servers and denied him victory.


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  1. ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa what are you waiting for??? mimi ni safaricom DAMU

  2. Baba i hope you will also return the paybill you are currently using to fund raise

  3. I think RAO is sick in the head. Is it the pressure or what? He want to go down with everybody. Is IDA his wife doing her duty to tame this idiot? This is too much for Kenyans. Are you Raila still using you Safaricom line? Lead us in de-registering from Safaricom. 26/10/17 UHURUTO TANO TENA.

  4. Go ahead and boycott Safcom, am sure you don't use local communication techs but your gullible followers do. You will find out what they can't tell you(i.e f*ck off)

  5. This old man is going bassarc - Many God protect Kenyans from this shetani May He forbid that this man ever becomes Kenya President!

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