UHURU to lose his tyranny of numbers after MARAGA’s ruling - RAILA was right, his majority was artificial

..majority numbers of Governors, Senators, MPs and MCAs that they have been bragging about.

The experts noted that the Supreme Court has set a precedent that will be binding to the subordinate courts and may see many other elections nullified as the cases could be based more on the process and not figures.

“The court’s ruling will affect some of the cases where the law was significantly ignored.”

“Let me restate that this historic ruling is likely to affect petitions where there are irregularities that affect the outcome,” said Otiende Amolo.


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  1. uhuru asilale

  2. Uhuru and Ruto and Jubilee, please WAKE UP. The Presidency was TAKEN AWAY LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME AGO. By none other than GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF
    ON 1st September, 2017. Raila WANTED JUSTICE BE DONE. In the whole Bible and in Quran, there is no where they say Justice can be found here on Earth. BUT ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW TO METE OUT JUSTICE. For he IS a JUST GOD. He METED OUT JUSTICE through Justice Maraga and the other three Justices. And GOD in His WISDOM DECLARED THE PRESIDENT then in the Spiritual realm and now what is happening is the MANIFESTATION of what GOD ALMIGHTY STARTED AND FINISHED THEN. Just like Saul in 1 Kings LOST his Kingship to David through ARROGANCE thus Uhuru and Ruto have LOST the Presidency to Raila Amollo Odinga. The TRUTH is that you cannot find GOD and CONVINCE Him otherwise. What GOD DECIDES NO MAN OR WOMAN CAN CHANGE IT. SO PLEASE I BESEECH you, Please DO NOT FIGHT GOD LEST YOU END UP ON THE WRONG SIDE OF GOD. Very soon you all will see how GOD is going to PUNISH the church. The Preachers, Bishops, Pastors, Reverends, Evangelists, Deacons, Lay Leaders you name them have NOT FED the Sheep nor TAKEN CARE of the Sheep, as Christ Jesus ORDERED His Disciples. "Do you LOVE Me Peter, Pastor, Preacher, Bishop and so forth? TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY SHEEP! FEED MY SHEEP! Do they? Or do they cajole the sheep to give what they have and pray GOD in Heaven to FEED HIS OWN Sheep. GOD HAS PUT IN PLACE AND IT IS COMING FOR THE CHURCH WHO HAVE NEGLECTED and ABANDONED GOD for the last plus 20 years. Now they will know that THE ALMIGHTY ONE, GOD JEHOVAH EL SHADAI IS STILL REIGNING FOR EVER AND EVER. IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH AND IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. HE REIGNS FOREVER MORE WITH CHRIST JESUS AT HIS RIGHT HAND AS OUR MEDIATOR. HALLEUYAH TO THE KING OF Kings and HOSSANA in the HIGHEST.

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