UHURU tano tena! See what RAILA ODINGA did to bishops yesterday that has angered even GOD

Saturday September 30, 2017-National Super Alliance (NASA) Leader Raila Odinga has rejected a plea by 35 bishops to withdraw pre-conditions ahead of the planned repeat Presidential elections.

Raila shocked bishops during a meeting chaired by Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit when he told them to their faces that he will not drop or back down from his conditions ahead of the repeat polls.

And to make matters worse, the NASA leader even went ahead to add another requirement in his list of demands before the repeat polls; something that left the clergymen not only perplexed, but shocked.

According to sources who attended the meeting at All Saints Cathedral, Raila called for the unconditional withdrawal of the proposed amendments to the electoral laws before he can agree to anything.

The clergy are trying to reach out to the two sides of the political divide to sit down and dialogue ahead of the repeat polls.


  1. Let it be very clear to all Kenyans and more so to IEBC and NASA in particular that there inteigence has shown the grand conspiracy between Chairman Wafula Chebucate and NASA along woth two other women commissioners to sabotage the 26th October presidential fresh election. The three IEBC commissioners have a plan to disappear to the US from where they will pose a claim escaping danger to their lives. One of the women who is a very busy body is on a mission role in IEBC and is US naturalized citizen while the other and the chair plant to seek for a political persecution asylum. The new amendments to the electoral laws are therefore timely and strategic and well informed by the intelligencia. Let no body try to pretend they mean well for Kenya when the contrary is true. There are busy diplomats and EU falling into this trap set up by NASA and the leadership of IEBC. This is primarily the reason NASA has tried to implicate tge CEO and not the Chairman and again tsrgeting judt one commissioner. It beats me why thr clergy, COTU boss and others are asking the president to reach out to the NASA leader for a meeting whose agenda remains unknown. Let's not lose the real problem with NASA is that there are some changesit demands from IEBC, and this being an independent body it is, logically it should proceed to do as instructed in the Supreme Court order and only involve stakeholders where appropriate, to brief them on its state of readiness or the gaps it needs ideas to help it to resolve. As a patriotic Kenyan, I urge IEBC to plsy it role with no fear nor favour and after those who want to exit the IEBC can do so. For now, the vice chair of IEBC must focus on delivering a free, fair, transparent, accountable and verfiable fresh presidential election in accordance with the Constitution and electoral law on October 26, 2017. If any contestant is relactant to participate, so be it, a choice it's free to live with.


  3. No wonder, every time I look at Chebukati's face, I see a sly man! Wonders will never cease!

  4. Did you know that before God destroys a leader He makes them go mad first?Now you know.

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