UHURU is angry and is fuming because he thinks the Presidency is his birthright - RAILA ODINGA explodes

..his birthright and therefore must have it no matter what it takes.

He asserted that Kenyans won’t allow him to continue ruling against their wished because Kenya is not a monarch.

Raila termed Uhuru as a spoilt brat who has no idea how to struggle for something because he was born in State House with all the wealth and money.

“All along, Uhuru has stood for nothing except for himself, family and his friends in disorienting our country.”

“He is now becoming a disaster-prone tragic character lurching from one fit of bad tempter to the next just because he thinks the Presidency is his birthright,” Raila said in a statement.


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  1. Stand firm Kenya....you are on a knife edge of true Democracy...or Dictatorship.....be stong!

  2. Raila please stop telling us about Uhuru because it will not help us. Tell us about what you will do when you become president to take Kenya to the next level of development.

    We also know that to say the opposite of your intentions. Considering your past political history, it is instead you who must have the presidency no matter what it takes.

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