UHURU insults DAVID MARAGA badly - NYINYI ni WAKORA and I will teach you a LESSON after I win AGAIN!

Friday September 1, 2017-President Uhuru Kenyatta has bragged that he is the still the Head of State and the Commander in Chief ( CIC)despite Supreme Court’s silly ruling.

On Friday, Supreme Court judges led by Chief Justice, David Maraga nullified President Kenyatta’s win and called for a fresh election in the next 60 days.

 Speaking at Burma market, Nairobi, on Friday, Uhuru said Chief Justice Dr David Maraga should understand that he is still the President and he is not President elect.

Wajua uzuri wa sheria, hapo awali nilikuwa rais mtarajiwa, sasa mi ni rais . si Maraga na watu wake hao wakora si wamesema hio kitu itupuliwe. Maraga ajue ya kwamba sasa ana deal na rais amekalia kiti,” Uhuru said with a devil’s laugh.

 Uhuru also said he has the numbers and he is ready to show the Supreme Court that they did wrong in nullifying his win.

 He also urged the 4 Supreme Court judges to prepare for the worst in case he wins the fresh presidential election.

 Uhuru Kenyatta is expected to battle again for presidenct with NASA presidential loser , Raila Odinga within the next 60 days.


  1. Uhuru please castrate Maraga and the three other judges. Then after you win unyoroshe hiyo judiciary to a point of no recognition. Primitive supreme court

  2. Now you'll loose badly,kifaranga wewe

  3. A barking dog never bites...real actors conceal their intention to the opportune time..you don't deserve to be president..

  4. Supreme court ,maraga not serious don't play with Kenya politics, your ruling is political and not court ruling,we will show you by might voting come nxt election

  5. Stop silly comments, the judges had played their part, what should they be shown? Shame on....

  6. Accept the verdict and move on si hivyo ndio mnasshinda mkiimba, why are you crying now.

  7. homosexuals are only good at insultin others and looting the country

  8. shoga anaumwa mkundu. leave maraga and the supreme court alone

  9. PROVERBS 6:16-19 read it and digest it. That is free advice from God Almighty.

    The number and win you claim you had were simulated by the computer and if that is the case, you should be the president of that computer programme simulator software and not the republic of Kenya.

    Who said that you are entitled the second term when the legacy of the first term was all looting/assassination/passing jungle bills/disappearance of the Eurobond/simulated 2017 elections zombies winners/etc.

    What GOD has declared no man can unwind it: so digest that and respect GOD'S WILL.

  10. Remember King Nebo chadenezer that is how he fell

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