The New York Times apologises to RAILA ODINGA, hails historic, heroic Supreme Court ruling.

Monday, September 04, 2017- In very awkward editorial, the New York Times has withdrawn its hitherto criticism of ‘Nasa leader, Raila Odinga to challenge president Uhuru’s win in court and hailed the Kenyan Supreme Court for nullifying the elections.

The renowned American paper had written a scathing article about Mr. Odinga calling him ‘a sore loser’ after contesting the results.

However, on Sunday, the paper’s editorial team ate humble pie and apologised to Raila while throwing International community and poll observers under the bus.

Read part of the article below

The Kenyan Supreme Court’s courageous decision to nullify the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta is a critical first for Kenya and Africa, demonstrating that democratic institutions are capable of acting independently and resolving disputes that in the past have often spilled over into violence.

The ruling was also a rebuke to international monitors and diplomats — and to this page— who were too quick to dismiss charges of irregularities, largely out of relief that the Aug. 8 voting had been mainly peaceful and in the hope that disappointment with the results would not lead to the sort of violence that erupted after the disputed 2007 election, in which hundreds of people were killed.

The fears were real, but the rush to judgment overlooked, among other things, that the supervisor of a new electronic voting system, Christopher Chege Msando, had been murdered and apparently tortured days before the election.

We had said after Mr. Kenyatta’s re-election had been initially confirmed that challenging it was a matter of sour grapes that could lead to ethnic strife. But preserving peace is best served by ensuring that democratic rules and institutions are respected, and Mr. Odinga’s charge deserved, and got, full consideration.

The Kenyan Supreme Court has done a major service to democracy and the rule of law, and has provided a needed lesson to international observers.

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