Stop behaving like fools-ATWOLI now warns UHURU/RUTO after losing case at Supreme Court

Monday September 4, 2017-Central Organization of Trade Union (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has criticized President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, William Ruto, over their continued attacks on the Judiciary following the nullification of their win by the Supreme Court.

Speaking in Nairobi yesterday, Atwoli urged Uhuru/Ruto to stop unwarranted attacks on the Judiciary.

“I am appealing to His Excellency the President to be a little bit sober. He should be himself. It’s wrong for Uhuru to call judges wakora,” Atwoli said.

The COTU also faulted President Kenyatta and Ruto for immediately embarking on campaigns for repeat elections whose date is yet to be announced.

“If I were President Uhuru Kenyatta today, I would still be thinking what to do. You do not just hit the road immediately and start politicking, you will make a lot of mistakes in the process and even people who voted for you will change their mind and say this is not the right person  for Kenya,” he added.


  1. You are very wrong Mr. Atwoli. It is in the public domain that you are a NASA supporter and you said it yourself. So leave the President and his Deputy alone. I am a luhya and I support Uhuru, so do not lie to yourself that Uhuru does not have supporters in Western. Uhuru does not require your advice. Go and advise your candidate Raila.

  2. Bwana Atwoli, you smoke too much marijuana/bhang. Please reduce a bit before attacking the president.

  3. Mr. Atwoli should shut-u, infact Atwoli himself is ever drunk with bangi, marijuana.It is commonly known in Nakuru area. Atwoli as No.1 Trade Unionist but but that atributes is nothing to the man,number one, being a trade unionist but he is so corrupt to the core. Imagine all Super markets in the whole country Atwoli goes round collecting mlungula just to let Indian thieves to still from poor african workers by not being allowed be employed on parmanent terms but they work for two weeks and sent home for one week and recalled to reapply once again. In that arrangements Atwoli is paid in millions by Indians Supermarkets and EPZ in Nairobi and Mombasa Nakuru. I have witnessed him collecting money and goodies from supermarkets in Nakuru.
    This the worst thief we have in Kenya. Mr. Atwoli the Bangi man is never sobber. Every times he want to appear in Tv he has to smoke or even chew his marijuana so that can verbally diorhea. Nasty man.

  4. atwoli,you are an old man now who should be giving fatherly or grandfatherly advise instead of hitting the social media with openly biased commentaries. i never heard you speak when raila was bashing the judiciary .The last i remember about you is when mukhisa kituyu once described you as a man who' have nothing between his ears-DO YOU REMEMBER? Prof Mwamaka

  5. Atwoli, please shut up. Give advice to Raila and ask him to stop attacking IEBC, Chebukati is also a person and needs respect just like Maraga. Double standards.

  6. We know you and we have no apologies to make. Go and give your two cents advice to your preferred party - NASA. You are also an old man who should not insult young leaders. UHURU ALSO HAS HIS SUPPORTERS. WHY IS IT THAT WHEN RAILA INSULTS THE SAME COURT AS BANDIA, NOBODY TALKS?WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR TYPE AND DONT THINK IF THE KIKUYUS KEEP QUITE THEY ARE COWER EDS,WE ARE STRATEGISING AND WE ALSO ARE KENYANS.

  7. @ 10:48, tell him and let him know that the "river is deepest where it is most calm"


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