SHOCK as it emerges that Registrar gave MARAGA wrong documents from IEBC to annul UHURU’s win

..Nyaiyaki and her friends investigated for misleading the court by furnishing it with wrong documents from the IEBC.

According to the petition, Maraga and the Supreme Court bench were misled by the Registrar who supplied wrong Form 34As and Form 34Bs to support Raila’s case.

This comes even as Judge Njoki Ndung’u, in her dissenting ruling, revealed that some of the contested Forms34As and Bs were signed and had security features, contrary to the findings of the report.

“The two contrasting viewpoints cannot be factually correct.”

“The Forms 34As and Bs examined by Justice Njoki Ndung’u were certified copied deposited by IEBC within 48 hours of the filing of the petition challenging Uhuru’s re-election,” Kilukumi stated.


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  1. The courthouse is crime scene and should be immediately taped off with the 4 judges and the registrar caged in

  2. Same office had NASAa documents backdated so that they appeared like they were filed at the right time. The so called Suprement Court found it in order to do so.

  3. Isn't this a case of Herman and Modecai Kenyan style?! They were do confident and in a hurry to crucify Uhuru they ended up in the fire themselves. They took the correct papers thinking it was the ones they had doctored. How else are we supposed to see this?

  4. forn 34As were hurriedly put into the regestry so as to descredit maraga,s ruling tuna wajua nyinyi

  5. The battle is the Lord's.

  6. Eishhhh... The registrar has nothing to be blamed of here.... She's absolutely exonerated from blame here... Why do we have the tendency of big fish throwing the smaller people under the bus here in Kenya??? Maraga and the supreme court judges must carry their own cross

  7. If this is true, Maraga must resign ASAP. He is a disgrace to Kenyans and the nation as a whole. It seemed fishy all along. This is a prof that 90 % of Judges in Kenya are thieves in robes who will sell the nation for a penny. Just reflect back to Judge Tunooi, Odunga, Martha Koome and now CJ Maraga and his four judges. They should be hanged on city square if found guilty. Likewise Raila, Kalonzo,Wetta, Orengo and all the attorneys involved should face same fit.

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