See what UHURU’s lawyer, NGATIA, did to a female journalist in a corridor after MARAGA’s full ruling

..their supporters who hailed the court for the historic ruling of its kind in Africa and among the firsts in the world saying the move had restored confidence in the Kenyan Judiciary.

On the other hand, IEBC and Jubilee were embittered with the judgment and have vowed to explore other avenues to reverse the Supreme Court verdict no matter what it takes.

So bitter was Jubilee that even President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lawyer, Fred Ngatia, refused to talk to the media.

Ngatia shoved off a female journalist who wanted his view on the ruling in rage and bitterness and completely refused to comment.


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  1. admin fala wa mtaa what did you expect at that particular circumstance. Your conspiracy theory at times exceeds public logic, rudi chule kwanza wewe na Mwilu ikochida ya matumchi


  3. shove careful people avoid questions but did i see shoving pls check the word again .....did u learn proper grammar or ur in the lot that crams all the stuff

  4. They thought they would use money like last time. These four judges deserve unreserved gratitude for doing something rare in Kenya. They refused to take billions for justice. Kudos to these 4 judges.

  5. It is very frustrating dealing with Partisan, hypocritical SCOK tht is taking lightly weighty issues capable of breaking this country down- seems hell bent to support and cause bloodshed in this country

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