See the shame and embarrassment that hit RAILA ODINGA and KALONZO in Machakos - 70+1 is real

Friday September 8, 2017 - National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, was embarrassed by Machakos County residents on Friday  after they refused to turn out for his roadside rallies.

Raila, who was accompanied by his runningmate, Kalonzo Musyoka, was seen waving at empty streets as he roamed around Machakos town.

Efforts by campaign organizers to beg residents to turn up and welcome Raila and Kalonzo turned on deaf years as residents continued with...

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  2. Kenyans love peace and they are tired of you bwana. It does not matter what tricks you play, the nation was back on track until your kangaroo court threw it under the bus. Learn from the times. This is your last campaign.

  3. Baba alishinda and this is the reason why iebc had to steal victory to Uhuru.Unfortunately they stole foolishlt and embarassed him making him a laughing stock to the whole world.Even if he wins now everyone will not be convinced but woll believe he has stolen again bur wisely

  4. The French Firm that was running IEBC servers confirms that the servers were not hacked. The firm has also provided all the logs to the supreme court for analysis. Maraga must be diarrhearing. The judgement cannot be justified, that is why Nyaitiki was publishing nonsense about forms 34As and Bs having errors. Those fake Forms were injected by NASA people in Johos county and other NASA strongholds. Maraga and his three blind monkeys will be running in circles, Jubilee needs to amplify what the French Firm has said. Come-on Jubilee!!

  5. Those people who believe in the computer generated crap are certainly the ones who follow what they are told without reasoning. Even the katiba was read for them back in 2007 and they subsequently voted either for it or against it. Is it not in the public domain that the problem was not in the tallying but in the in transmission of the results? Kuna watu wanahitaji maombi.

  6. Mahomo wanaumwa kwa sababu ujinga na wizi yao iligunduliwa. How could the IEBC announce pres. election results without 180 forms 34B and 11000 forms 34A? But facts and figures dont count when you have been caught red-handed. Makende nyinyi. You are gays n lesbians demons.

  7. Anonymous
    14 September 2017 at3.31 pm
    Kikuyu are stupid people they will never vote for another party but them they want other party to vote for them you will never enter to state house again let be history to them

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