RAILA pulls a first one on UHURU ahead of fresh polls! This changes everything! RAILA may beat UHURU

..Jubilee to sabotage Raila Odinga.

A meeting chaired by Raila Odinga during the week learnt that some of the agents who were hired by NASA Campaign Executive, Willis Otieno, did not have any commitment to look out for the best interest of NASA.

Most of them were only out to make money.

“We found out that some of our agents in the August polls were only out to make money, even from our opponents, and did not deliver on their mandate.”

“They could not produce copies of Form 34As when asked to do so,” said an insider.


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  1. Poor Willis Otieno. He's the sacrificial lamb.


  3. RAO, you will leave behind a lot of suffering to some of your supporters who worked for during August 8 2017 elections. Most ROs and POs messed up 34As & 34Bs to help you build the case at the Supreme Court. It also seems some of the Supreme Court judges were aware that some docs are already messed with. I think you planned and encouraged these POs & ROs to screw-up the elections. I think this is a crime. Very unfortunate for them. In the meantime you do not care what happens to them.

  4. Who benefited in Killing Msando??? Rubbish comments

  5. Enter your comment...haha jubilee tutatuma agents counties sote
    vifaranga vya Maraga hamna pesa haha

  6. Jizee liliweka mtoto kidole nyuma akafariki akisaindiwa na manjaji ..sasa hana pesa....si auze molasses ....nugu ya mtu

  7. Babu Raiya u compromised all election RO in your stronghold with a 100,000each to help u build a case talk to joho n others tuwaona this time tumekutega n your mole akombe in iebc twawajua wote ..wewe hunyanyasa anyone who works for I pity the poor agents last I heard the few u had u didnt pay them n now u want to steal from kenyans thru your paybill n id ni shameless old man

  8. these comments here shows that you people you dont know the different between A POROUS SERVER a A SECURE IP DRESS SERVER. if only you knew this difference when you here people say computer generated leader, you cant talk

  9. Anonymous 04:23 we don't care about IP addresses. Let us go mlolongo system tujionee na macho wenye wanapanga lakini za Uhurutu na RAO. Macho haidanganyi. With mlolongo you cannot vote twice.

    NASA tried to NASA leadership through the system that is why they kept insisting on system without back up. It did not work. It will not work, it will never work.

    This fake pay bill he has started to con Kenyans of money will not work. Let him return the money he collected for teachers when they were on strike. Where did he take the money?

  10. RO does not do what will not benefit him politically.never cares about kenya, only selfish interests, look at the strikes in kenya e.g the sossion team, doctors, nurses, alienda kwa streets kutoa iebc akaweka wenye anataka, bado hatosheki,A WOLF IN A SHEEP'S SKIN

  11. Raila is only Fit to be Satan's Personal Assistant or Satan's Spokesman

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