RAILA ODINGA’s NASA to boycott October 17 elections if IEBC officials he has named do not resign

Tuesday September 5, 2017 - National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, has said the opposition coalition will boycott the upcoming election unless some IEBC officials resign.

Speaking in Nyamira County on Tuesday, Raila said that there will be no elections on October 17 until all their conditions are met.

Raila said the IEBC did not consult all stakeholders before deciding on the date of elections.

He said IEBC must…

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  1. this country will be destroyed by two tribes. thieves, murderers and homosexuals. That is what they know best.

  2. kikuyus will rule this country for 1000 years. Mpende msipende. takataka nyinyi

  3. Raila has no respect of our children because he has no children in school. What does he care?

  4. It must always be his way for things to work? First it was isaak Hassan and team must go, then elections must be electronic and not manual, then al ghunair must not print papers, chiloba must go, etc

    Kenyans must wake up and say RAILA MUST GO!

  5. Some people are just idiots. Who can help silence such idiot for good? Country tired.

  6. This Raila monster must go. He has no children in the Kenyan system of education so he knows nothing. Will he pay for their school fees? Food for extra days? Psychological torture for those sitting exams? And for parents stress? And he expects the same parents to vote for him?

    Amah he expects that all children should score D- like Joho and he will give them jobs like he has done to Joho? Atapata wapi governor jobs to sell to them since we know Joho pays him every month for supporting him retain the seat?

  7. @ 09.50 I affirm you. RAILA MUST GO!

  8. Yes, Kenyans wake up, RAILA MUST GO!

  9. Good for the country. Uhuruto will have a walkover and the country can now move on. We are sooo tired of this NASA flies. Who has enough DOOM spray to spray them to Canaan.

  10. Ati mganga anapeleka mazunga caanan.Ama canaan ni hizo mafuthii nyeupe kati kati ya matako zake nyeusi na chafu!!😆😆

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