RAILA ODINGA asks DAVID MARAGA to appoint another body to conduct fresh poll – NOT current IEBC!

Friday September 1, 2017-National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential loser, Raila Odinga, has asked the Chief Justice, David Maraga, to use his powers to ensure that the next presidential election is free and fair.

Addressing a press conference on Friday after the Supreme Court, Raila said NASA will file a case at the High Court to bar the IEBC from conducting the fresh presidential election.

“Kenyans are ready to show them (President Uhuru and Jubilee) the door in 60 days,”Raila said.

 He also shows evidence shows that the last general election was conducted by criminals who stole votes in favour of President Kenyatta.

“Evidence now shows the IEBC was taken over by criminals who ran the entire election,” said Raila Odinga.

 He concluded by saying that NASA won the presidency only for IEBC criminals to stole their victory in August.

“We say we are not afraid of elections; we will win again,” said Raila.


  1. We cannot allow Raila and NASA to always have their way. They terrorized the current IEBC to the last minute then blame them for the 'failed' elections. Now they want another IEBC.

    Please note elections are to be held in 60 days when will they be appointed? By whom? When will they learn the job? Already the Chief Justice says full judgement will be delivered in 21 days which means 3weeks of the 8 weeks before next elections are already gone.

    How will a new IEBC understand and familiarize itself with the new work environment in 5 weeks and learn not to make the same mistakes?

  2. surely,those who messed elections should be detained at kamiti

  3. Pls Rao it is Moi who chopped off the Balls, Uhuru is innocent

  4. These Judges also Voted, seems they were settling scores after their candidate lost

  5. Jubilee in control of both Houses MUST Starve the Judiciary by Slashing their Budget till Maraga gets the message

  6. we shall not allow Rao to have his way all the time. yes now now !!! tumechoka pia sisi!

  7. Agwambo Marana has no powers to appoint anyone for IEBC don't lie to your supporters and this time round utaanguka ile hujaona....Kama hujui utajulishwa

  8. Raila stop this noneses even if we bring FBI you will never win uhuruto ,shidwe na hizo juju zako

  9. We will agree with the court ruling but me thinks the sanctity of the dictum of universal suffrage was breached.A through scrutiny of votes casts-34 As and 34Bs was adequate to announce the true winner .This ruling will be trashed in the whole world as a misleading precedent. The event not the process was the edifice of every thing and its sanctity should have been proved.No wonder only 2 such cases suffice in the judicial world, and who passed them authoritarian govts highly patronised by authority.

  10. Remember; RAO is forgeting that the ruling was final. The 1st respondent is to conduct the next election in 60 days according to the court. Who is the 1st respondent? RAO should stop defiling the SC.

  11. Remember; RAO is forgeting that the ruling was final. The 1st respondent is to conduct the next election in 60 days according to the court. Who is the 1st respondent? RAO should stop defiling the SC.

  12. The Kenyan Presidential Election: How will the Supreme Court Rule?

    I have been following the Kenyan Presidential Election with keen interest. IT systems help to do manual work faster but are not expected to alter the manual data/ information. So in a situation where an electronic system fails whether at voter registration or identification or at vote counting, transmission or analysis, the practice is to go back to the manual system.

    In the case of the Kenyan Presidential Election, it is the original Form 34As from the Polling Stations and the Form 34Bs generated at Constituency level as a result of consolidation of Form 34As that should be relied upon by the Supreme Court in delivering its judgment/ruling. This is because for the Kenyan Presidential Election, the results at Constituency level are final. Even the Election Observers supported the move by the Independent Election and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to revert to the manual system and verify Form 34As and 34Bs and come up with Form 34C that was the basis for the announcement of Uhuru Kenyatta as President Elect. They further stated that the elections were by and large free, fair and credible. The Election Observers' reports have been vindicated by the few petitions from MPs and Governors who lost.

    All the above support the thinking that the Supreme Court will rely on the assessment of Form 34As and Form 34Bs from the polling stations and constituencies to deliver its ruling. The IT Audit report will enable the Supreme Court to suggest future improvements since the failure or manipulation of the IT system did not affect the original copies of Form 34As and 34Bs. Thus, I anticipate the supreme court to set aside the IT audit report when making its ruling and solely rely on Form 34As and Form 34Bs.

    From my own individual assessment, not much has been adduced by the petitioners to show that there are unauthentic Form 34As and Form 34Bs that are material enough to overturn the outcome of the Presidential Election.

    Therefore, it is my considered opinion that the Kenya Presidential Petition 2017 will be unanimously dismissed by the Supreme Court today, 1st September 2017.

  13. Kweli bug nose traslates to smal mind.
    There was no rigging at all...it is transmission only.
    Naswa did not show any tampered with forms that originated front constituency level.
    Walihonga hawa njangiri manjaji na watatemwa byJanuary 2017.....

  14. Kwani supreme ni ya mama ya naswa...ili ifanye judgement kulibgana na naswa.
    Worse they leaked judgement....sudumeros judges

  15. Wembe ni ule ule.....ya kunyoa na circumcise otieno...pua na foreskon kubwa

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