NASA releases PHOTO of RAILA when he was a lecturer at UoN after RUTO called him a school drop-out.

..challenged him to produce his academic certificates.

NASA has released a photo of Raila Odinga when he was an Engineering Lecturer at University of Nairobi to prove he is educated.

See it below.

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  1. what he is being asked is the copy of certificates not where he was teaching peiod

  2. Picha ni certificate and those days his father was an influencial man. Hebu wa-post vyeti.

  3. Hello All,

    first things first. Form 4 certificate, Bsc, etc. show them. Can the University of Nairobi confirm that RAO was actually a Lecturer in one of their departments to remove these doubts.

    I don't think that RAO is schooled properly. He was a technician and a juniour one too.

  4. Probably lecturing on witchcraft!*#₹

  5. We want to see his Academic papers full stop

  6. i want to assume he was approx 35 yrs in 1972 add 45yrs the old man should be 80Yrs old . numbers dont lie

  7. Can he produce the certificates and also tell us some of the students he taught as a lecturer not as a junior technician demonstrating some practicals. Otherwise without certificates, the rest is hot air. In fact he doesn't even qualify to vie for presidency without a degree

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