MUTAHI NGUNYI says MARAGA will lead the country into bloodshed - He should be charged with treason.

Tuesday September 19, 2017 - Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has called for the arrest and detention of Chief Justice, David Maraga, because he will lead the country into bloodshed.

Maraga, who was addressing a Press Conference on Tuesday, urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to call for a referendum to disband the Judiciary if he is not satisfied with it.

“If leaders are tired of a strong and independent Judiciary, they can…

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  1. Constitutionally, these three judges should step aside to allow for investigations. Kenyans have no more trust in them.

  2. Such ignorance of the law yet one is the Chief Justice ? My foot. To remove any judge the Kenyan laws are very clear. You do not need a referendum. Or probably this power hungry CJ thinks he is more popular than elected leaders. So call a referendum and we the judiciary will win. No one elected you, so if you want a political mandate seek one. For now your role is limited to interpreting the laws of which you are doing a very poor job !

  3. The statement from CJ Maraga is unfortunate. He should know better and show leadership. This people are enjoying their freedom of expression, of speech and associated. If anyone tries to deny them this right it will the courts they need to turn to for protection. With Maraga's sentiments in mind I fear they might be denied their constitutional right. Maraga should be ready to criticise and to be criticised. Truth is not truth if it can not stand interrogation. Another instance of Maraga misjudgment. God help Kenya.

  4. The Judges also Voted on 8th though many were Tibims by Nature

  5. Cj Maraga can be dropped in Jilib, Somalia so the Shebab can Chop off the Head


  7. mutahi ngunyi to hell with all your article's you are always on one side of tribe defending it

  8. Maraga, soldier on. You have been srnt by God to shake these people who think God is only important when they are in problems.

  9. NYS looter! as typical mt Kenyan folks, you are full of shit. Start taking the truth than talking lies all the time. All over the world your tribe are looters as you are.

  10. let some bones never be seen

  11. are you a judge

  12. In as much as we want peace,we the people of Kenya are to blame,77%of our politics is tribal based,starting from the ballot till the appointment of the so called leaders in parliament.Mutahi Ngunyi,in as much as you are a political analyst,some of the things you post and say,,aah aah. Are even worse than the ones you pointing fingers that are from The CJ Maranga. You not doing any justice either Mr.Ngunyi,you not.

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