MIGUNA MIGUNA blasts Attorney General GITHU MUIGAI for saying UHURU is still President of Kenya.

..now been hired by Raila Odinga as his legal advisor said that President Kenyatta is enjoying limited powers during temporary incumbency.

The MORTICIAN G. Muigai is lying.”

“Pursuant to Art 134 @Kenyatta is exercising LIMITED 'powers during temporary incumbency,” Miguna, who is also a brilliant lawyer, said.

During his address on Thursday, President Kenyatta said that there will be no power vacuum in Kenya even if IEBC fails to conduct elections within 60 days as ordered by the Supreme Court.


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  1. What's Miguna Miguna's basis of the blast? Miguna is a loser, period. He has no sense of shame and after going round and round throwing barbs at Raila and unmasking his character, he ends up at the same starting point he was over ten years ago. We tell legal smart lawyers by the litigation work of their brains. We are not informed of any matter he litigated with a steller performance in Kenya. I know he will try to find refuge in Canadian legal practice for he is very much aware we have no simple way to access that, verify it and test it's relative effect and veracity. We know he is under pressure to perform to keep his new job as he serves on probation. I have nothing personal against him but I feel he is a bad looser in politics. He needs to learn how to mingle with every type of the people we call Kenyans. For as long as he continues to delude self of his importance even trying an MCA seat will not work for him. Hr must remain a servant of Raila for jis survival.

  2. The vampire strikes again

  3. I'm not lawyer and one needs to use common sense to address some issues. Kenya also has some very sharp minds who are not lawyers. I notice that all these NASA lawyers are misadvising and misleading Raila for personal gain and show their level of sycophancy. The constitution is written in plain English.

  4. There is nothing brilliant with this turncoat. He can sell his mother for a plate of ugali just like esau.

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