Kenyans react to UHURU’s contemptuous attack on Chief Justice DAVID MARAGA.

Saturday, 02 September 2017- President Uhuru Kenyatta has aimed his guns on    Chief Justice David Maraga and the Supreme Court following Friday’s historic ruling that saw the August 8 elections annulled.

The apex court ordered fresh elections in 60 days citing massive irregularities but Uhuru has accused the Supreme Court did not respect the will of the people. 

While addressing Jubilee Governors and MCAs’ at State house on Saturday, a visibly angry Uhuru promised to ‘fix’ the Supreme Court should he win the elections in November.

“We shall revisit this thing. We clearly have a problem. Who even elected you? We have a problem and we must fix it,” he said.

However, his acidic remarks did not go down well with Kenyans who asked him to respect independence of the Judiciary and rule of law.

See a few tweets below.

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  1. very sad to hear what jubilee talked about, judiciary is not Jubilee, were they the ones filling the forged form 34

  2. Jubilee can go to hell,stop murders,forgeries,frauds,corruption,extra judicial killings,rigging of elections,alcoholism,smoking wid,and respect the will of the people,we dont need you leadership,an attack on Maraga is on the kisii community.Go rot.

  3. Mr President you should be inspiring us and striving to make a positive change in Kenya electoral system. You are doing non of that . You should be blaming your lawyers for defending a different case from that which was presented to court by the petitioner. You should be asking your lawyers to refund your money. Listen to the court proceedings again, your lawyers created their own case in court and struggled to defend it. Some argued like market mad people. Take a break for emotions to cool and then hit the road, if you won yo will win again.

  4. Why nullify president and not the other seats?isnt it the same IEBC, same system, same clerks, same papers that were used to appoint them? Something is wrong somewhere in this judgement.

    Then why make The two judges read their judgements? Why didn't the other other four read theirs individually? Happy kuna story hatuambiwi? What a coincidence that theirs were not ready?

  5. Maraga is hopeless fake and illiterate judge. Even John Kerry and the observers maintain the poll was not rigged. Uhuru will still win. For every 100 k you clain he loses, he gains 250k more GEMA votes

  6. Makau mutua needs to be castrated. Dr. Willy Mutunga dismissed CORD petition in 2013. He was a smart genius unlike this illiterate Maraga who does not even know anything computer-related. The orders he was giving for audit showed he doesn't understand anything even as basic as passwords

  7. supreme court is just a bundle kangaroo court.

  8. Even though Uhuru was angry, he didn't call for mass action to his followers unlike mzee wa vitendawili. give him that for heavens sake!

  9. foolish maraga

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