If any Judge is killed like MSANDO, we will blame UHURU/ RUTO, I am prepared to die - MARAGA asserts

Tuesday September 19, 2017 - Chief Justice, David Maraga, has said that he is ready to pay the ultimate price to protect the independence of the Judiciary.

Addressing a Press Conference outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Maraga said that he has been threatened and intimidated by the Executive but said he is ready to die protecting the constitution.

“We are prepared to pay the ultimate price to protect the Constitution,” Maraga said.

However, Maraga said if anything happens to any of the Judges or court officials they will…

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  1. The judiciary is not a law unto themselves. They also need checks and balances. All Kenyans are asking is for a fair judiciary, not one that holds meetings with litigants at night. Justice must be done and be seen to be done.

  2. Why does the CJ seem to be always ready for a duel with Jubilee but never able to answer NASA's provocations ? They are definitely bed fellows. Not good for Kenya's young democracy for a court that yields such immense powers

  3. Oh yeah, here we go again, security for the big egos but not the poor Kenyans. Indeed power corrupts. Maraga is drunk with power. Calm down dear. Get some humility my dear.. Who elected you ?

  4. The statement from CJ Maraga is unfortunate. He should know better and show leadership. This people are enjoying their freedom of expression, of speech and associated. If anyone tries to deny them this right it will the courts they need to turn to for protection. With Maraga's sentiments in mind I fear they might be denied their constitutional right. Maraga should be ready to criticise and to be criticised. Truth is not truth if it can not stand interrogation. Another instance of Maraga misjudgment. God help Kenya.

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  6. RECOUNT THE VOTES if You are not Maraga Tibim

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