I am ready to use even KDF to stop you! UHURU dares RAILA to try anything stupid and he will see fire

...exercise his powers if need be to prove that he was still the Head of State and Government and with full powers and authority.

“If they think the nation does not have a President yet, they should try something and see if this country has a President or not,” Uhuru said.

Raila Odinga has, on several occasions, declined to recognize Uhuru as the Head of State since his August 8th victory was nullified by the Supreme Court.

“Article 134 up to 140 of the Constitution states clearly the powers of an acting President.”

“It's basically, a lame duck President.”

“If he is happy with that and enjoys it, fine,” Raila had said.


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  1. Raila odinga is the kenya's choice!sasa unatisha nani?

  2. Rails is an imbecilic uncircumcised dotard loser. How can a gentile lead people to caanan? Retire old man you are expired goods, worthy of the garbage bin.

  3. The mzees is the worst and horrible. He knows very well he was defeated yet he continues to play his dirty stupid games. Go home and retire peacefully.

  4. The late Libyan president opted to use his Libyan defense forces against his own people but eventually landed in hot soup after intervention of international development partners.

  5. Raila will never rule Kenya. Never ever, period!!!

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