How UHURU tried to bribe Supreme Court judges, What happened on Thursday Night before ruling.

Sunday, September 3, 2017- State agents tried to bribe Supreme Court judges and influence their decisions before Maraga’s shocking ruling on Friday.

After the hearings concluded on Tuesday, the judges retreated to a hotel in Nairobi’s Upperhill to write their rulings.
They later relocated to a secret venue within Nairobi and agreed to switch off their phones.

However, this didn’t stop state agents from enticing them with bribes to influence their decisions.

We are informed that a Cabinet Secretary and two lawyers representing Uhuru in the petition visited one of the Supreme Court judges at his house in Nairobi before they retreated to a secret location to try and bribe him.

The judge welcomed them and they had a talk that lasted for almost one hour.
They mistook the judge and went back to State House where they informed Uhuru that the judge had agreed to be compromised.

Things took an interesting twist on Thursday when one of the judges leaked information to State House that Uhuru’s win would be nullified.

This caused panic among top Jubilee officials and state agents .

Efforts to bribe the judges not to nullify Uhuru’s win went on past midnight on Thursday before state agents gave up.

The judges who refused to be compromised were being offered alot of money and other favours.

Rumour has it that Maraga was promised over Sh 500 Million to uphold Uhuru’s win.


  1. IN the mine time, mzee wa vitendawili alikuwa akifanya nini? Stop spoiling our presidents name! bure kabisa!

  2. Bullshit! U think Uhuru cares about wasting such money while he can use it for business? Try another Lie please

  3. Thieves, homosexuals and murderers. We need to change

  4. Admin, how does spreading this kind of hatred for U.K make you feel? Bure kabisa.

  5. Why would Uhuru want to bribe for presidency? He is rich enough and will loose nothing even if you don't appoint him. Stop lying to us

  6. Uwuongo tupu, it is probably the judges that tried to get the 500million bob from Uhuru and he refused. That is pocket change for him he probably would not care less about it.

    This maraga real shame. The same process that he faulted was used to announce the Governors, Senators, MPs and MCAs why did you not annual the results? Weren't the same 34as and 34bs and 34cs used? Wasn't the same IEBC officers and team used to tally the same results?

    In any case the constitution says the numbers of the president counted at the tallying station are final. What is this about the system that has now annulled the whole presidential election?

    Why did you not read out your reasons but forced two judges read out theirs and then gave yourself time to write yours after suiting it to the reaction of Kenyans?

    Maraga we are not fools and God is not a fool as well. The same God you purport to fear has seen your tendencies and every of your intentions from the very beginning.

  7. surely?..........seriously?


  9. kinua meu

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