HILLARY CLINTON tells US Supreme Court to learn from Kenya’s Supreme Court - MARAGA was God sent!

Tuesday September 19, 2017 - Former United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has said the nullification of Kenya’s presidential election set precedence and should guide other Supreme Courts across the world to make the rulings.

Kenya’s Supreme Court led by Chief Justice David Maraga became the first African court to nullify a presidential election of a sitting President on September 1st.

Speaking to NPR media on Monday, Clinton said that someone should write on the Kenyan election, adding that it was…

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  1. Nope, those wer not HC words. She said that such decision as reached by Kenyan SC would not be possible under American laws and constitution which Kenyans copy pasted. CJ Maraga is a law unto himself. Nothing like justice. Big shame for the country

  2. Hilary we respected you and got sad that your victory was stolen by Trump through Russia but here you have erred and made a blunder if you think rhe ruling by CJ Maraga was legal. He denied Uhuru his victory through bribery and not because Uhuru didnt deserve the win. It was due to the judges'relationship with the opposition leaders and corruption. Its now good that you also lost if thatnis your stand whether Cambridge wasinvolved or not.

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