HASSAN JOHO performed better that DCJ PHILOMENA MWILU - See her full academic credentials

..are Justice Philomena Mwilu's academic credentials that will make Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho, look like an A student.


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  1. She didn't struggle. At O-Level, She obtained a division 1 which is an equivalent of an A in the current grading system.

  2. Try and understand the quality of examinations then and the contend in EACE AND EAACE plus the other certificates she holds

  3. So what is wrong with her papers, one doesn't need to an A student to make in life,average students have done well in their careers.

  4. Wasn't bad! only that she was an average student!!

  5. What about Maraga's? I would be happy to see his. And what could be his IQ? There is a direct relationship between the judgment given and these two. Time will tell.

  6. Idiots... those credentials are solid especially if they are of the old school. Attaining Division I in KCE was not a joke to attain. Anyone who had such grades was destined for greatness. There is no way one can compare Joho's fake degree with even the KJSCE certificate that was done at form two. Kudos DCJ those academic papers are okay by every standard of measure. The older the papers the more solid the academic weighting. Not the current river road made fake papers. I am as proud of my Division II and can only envy the DCJ's solid distinctions. Also being a girls form the village schools ensured she got to good university like UoN. In them days girls had a better chance of absorption with lower grades than boys to prime degrees such as law and medicine.

    So whoever leaked these ameze wembe...

  7. That lady was very very claver.Not most people passed these exams.KUDOS madam judge

  8. Idiotic piece of post

  9. she is a lawyer. Fullstop

  10. Mwilu did so well scoring a division 1. You are an 8-4-4 person and so you do not understand the grading of the old system. A division is is equivalent to an A under the 8-4-4 system.

  11. Yea they aare excellent up to high school. At university a lower second class honours equivalent to a C. Thats not earth shaking performance is it? Only a grade above joho.

  12. She is a good person. I admire her and hope she will continue to be part of courageous Kenyans willing to do the right thing even in the face of threats and hostilities. I love you justice Mwilu.


  14. i have noted some level of intellectual mediocrity with her comments. the DCJ seems to have a personal beef with the AG.she displays acute contempt for the AG at the slightest opportunity. what did the AG do to this lady.

  15. Does the person writing know how to read that certificate? Even if you disagree please give her her due. That is a division 1 .the highest grade one could get those days.

  16. Home breaker ! Period!If not show me marriage certificate! Academically only average does not qualify to be DCJ can she hold a candle to Beauty and Brains?? Njoki Ndungu!?

  17. Talking about Mathematics and working space, how did she score a D+ and was showing her working space? Talk of preaching water and taking wine. Her end doesn't justify her means.

  18. funny how one could get a chance to do law with a C in the 1980s today you cannot get a chance to do regular law without an A in English. it is why we need the higher education commission to scrap all those degrees that are not choosen by parallel students. because the choices made by parallel students reflects the market preferences. actually this is the revolution we need-to scrap all those uselless degrees that are a waste of students time and only retain courses that are preferred by parallel students. this requires a bloody revolution even if it means sending all those useless lecturers teaching useless shit home by the barrel of a gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. she has good grades.many of you in 8-4-4 system you are worse than her.people with little knowledge speak a lot but they know little.Many people have first class honours but life is not about grades

  20. People...people...people. the lady did the best she could she met the required grade. your representatives deemed her worthy of the DCJ position. She is where she is by right. Her English is good. Ama nani hakumuelewa akipatiana hukumu?

  21. Nothing wrong with her credentials, something seriously wrong with your perception. Mark you she there at the Highest court of the land. Those attacking her are just fucking idiots. She's there by right.

  22. DCJ Mwilu was a bright student. scoring Division 1 was not a joke. It is an insult to compare DCJ Mwilu with the Idiotic Sultan Joho. But she is not wise which is very dangerous. Marriage certificate is missing - does that tell us something about her morals? She could be a home-wrecker. That is all I have for her.

  23. Her university degree is second class -(lower division) that aint good at all. But again the old examination system was very difficult. getting such was a preserve for the few and being a female it was a plus. Nowadays so many A's that have watered down the prestige of an A.

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