Gods have conspired against UHURU and his friends! DUALE struck by thunder …. It is ODUNGA

..heard by Judge George Odunga who is the number one enemy of Jubilee leaders.   

In July, Duale was among Jubilee Party leaders who abused Odunga saying he is related to Siaya Senator.

The Garissa Township MP further maintained the attack on Odunga saying he should disqualify himself from any case related to Orengo.

"We all know Odunga has been biased before.”

“If Odunga has no interest, why is he insisting on hearing all cases brought by Orengo," he said.

"If Justice Odunga is genuinely neutral, then let him take leave as there are more judges." Duale added.

At that time, Duale never thought that he will ever appear before Odunga.


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  1. Buhahhahahahahah, this is a thunder strike..

  2. Odunga is not childish to engage in revenge missions. He is not like that alshabab faggot with no brain

  3. he has aright to refuse him

  4. Duale, you have a right to ask that this partisan judge steps down and the case is allocated to a fair judge.

  5. It will be good if the good judge disqualified himself

  6. I think of the two, Odunga is the lesser devil with more brain than brawn, that is in comparison to the mouthy Duale. Ajaribu kuwambia Odush, hii koti si ya mamako bwana akiwa kwenye box... aone kitu mwoto:)

  7. the useless judge is always partisan

  8. Thunder si ni same as Kisonono?

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