DAVID NDII finally releases results of NASA parallel centre – UHURU had beaten RAILA ODINGA with a WIDE MARGIN!

Monday September 4, 2017-National Super Alliance (NASA) technical advisor, David Ndii, has finally released results from NASA Presidential Tallying Centre held in a secret location in Runda.

Ndii released the results immediately after Supreme Court nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta‘s win  and ordered for fresh presidential election last Friday.

Ndii posted figures which he said added up to a 56.6% win for Raila Odinga and 42.4% for Uhuru Kenyatta.

But immediately after he posted the results on social media, Ndii deleted the post after realising that the results gave Mr Kenyatta a landslide victory.

From Ndii’s own numbers, Uhuru Kenyatta was actually ahead of Raila Odinga. The final percentage stands at Uhuru – 51.7%, Raila – 48.3%.

Here is what Ndii posted  and you can add and see that President Uhuru Kenyatta had won the election in a free and fair manner but Chief Justice, David Maraga and his team nullified his win.

 Here is the post


  1. NEVER! That's because they had worked on the system. This IEBC system is compromised to Suit NASA side. Jubilee beware

  2. Wishful thinking. I come from Nyeri and Raila cannot get that number of votes. Maximum would be 3000. Take that to any bank.

  3. Aaah, first minister of Ndiistan or is ta Nasastan?

  4. The truth cannot be created or destroyed

  5. Ndii, this propaganda is not going to work on 17th October. Tafuta ingine

  6. Add this in xls sheet or calculator " Ndii Kenyans are not Silly
    Uhuru - 7,778,601 - 52% per cent
    Raila 7,260,548 - 48% per cent

  7. Raila's people should strategize for the fresh elections scheduled for 17th October instead of wasting their time on what Uhuru and Raila got in the 8th August election. That is total waste of time. If they won, why is Raila resisting to have the elections held on the 17th October as ordered by the IEBC!Did Raila forget to tell his friend Maraga to order that fresh elections should not be conducted the current IEBC and now wants to go Otunga for that order? I voted for you Raila but this time round I won't vote for you. Be mindful of our children who are to sit for the examination instead of being selfish.

  8. that table is not from Ndii but from mentally sick jubilee psycho as usual of them.

  9. hii list ndii au ni dee? haiko complete where is nrb county?

  10. who is interested in your counting

  11. Thank Mr Ndii that exactly we need brave Kenyans like u .keep fire burning

  12. why fight on who won or who didnt......just tell us what each can do to improve our living standard.politicians should be reminded that our kids are about to do exams.BEING AN EGOCENTRIC PERSON IS THE WORST AMONG ALL.

  13. The list of counties is not complete, other counties are not there is it because they did not vote or what?

  14. From secession to number crunching. This idiocy has gone too far.

  15. This guy is a fanatic. An educated funatic is the worst thing to happen anywhere

  16. This is the true elections results

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