Where is ORENGO’s bombshell? Angry Kenyans ask RAILA ODINGA after their shallow evidence

…was only talking about fake form 34As and Bs without tabling the original forms.

 Here are some comments from angry Kenyans

NASA has spent 4hours saying this and that... BUT evidence?” Joyce  

It was more like vihoja mahakamani....a senior counsel saying that it's not about the numbers of votes, not about winning the elections but how the elections were performed. So all along this the bombshell,” Samson Nduati.

This petition is about an individual with elevated ego and he will not accept the ruling if it does not favour him.To him the 7 decision cannot & will not replace the will of 15 million. The shenanigans been broadcasted do not have any bearing in relation to his dream of been the chief executive,” Hassan Abdi

"Four hours gone. Wapi (Where is the) bombshell?"  Elgeyo Marakwet Senator, Kipchumba Murkomen asked.


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  1. This is why one should ensure that their layers do not have ventured interest in the outcome. In the luoland politics, there are two camps with both Joshua and Orengo as the leaders. Orengos camp had been oppressed by railas side. They know they have a chance only in joshua's absence. This petition serves two purposes: humilate joshua into retirement and second, earn Orengo tons of money from wanjigi and muthama who are the sponsors. This will give Orengo the last laugh as well as revenge for the numerous canning by joshua.

  2. Nasa heavy duty lawyers lies were neutralised by a Little known Lawyer Issa Mansour. I wonder what will happen if Ngatia and Ahmed Nassir rise up heheheeee

  3. Enter your comment...That formula is wrong... mathematically speaking.. suppose a case of x in Nairobi or Mombasa... what would b the value of y? U all know what x and y represent. Big lie Rau et al.

  4. Total waste of valuable time for Kenyans, was so shocked there was NO Bombshell as Orengo had promised, it seem it was just another lie like that one of Canaan trip.

  5. if you never heard of seen the bombshell then you are insane my friend. all the facet were tabled and mind you they were put in legal terms which most of you don't even understand so stop unnecessary criticism please.

  6. The formula presented is pure crap. And am made to understand the mastermind of the formula is IT or statistical guru. From which university i wonder?

  7. Baba I wish you the peace that comes from God and not from material earthly things. Lately you have been under loads of pressure and your blood pressure is over the tip which is not good for your age. Ask God to help you age gracefully and remain respectable even to your followers.

  8. NASA camp are a bunch of lairs. There was not bombshell in their 4 hour submission. Maybe the Bombshell will come from the IEBC servers. Lets wait for the report today at 5pm. Raila always think that Kenyans are stupid and his lies are acceptable everytime. Raila, you can to hell and burn. You have cause death and misery to so many Kenyans while seeking leadership. Lets hope this is the last of you Mr. Joshua badia.

  9. The 'Bomb Shell' that never exploded as it was meant to. We can not blame Joshua for this flaw but he also can not be let to reach Jericho unscathed now that he says he has reached Jerusalem thus far, and admits he had no idea that Canaan could be so difficult to enter yet so near. He however assured us he is still on course and I agree with him on that. What he implies and mean to let all and sundry know is simple. He has not given up even though he can sense he goofed, not due to his own wish, but because he failed to question his handlers under the chief of Ugenya, a very sly man. This guy is a character and knows where the soft tender joints are in the structure of ODM politics camouflaged in nice white, blue and yellow clothing called NASA planned and designed by the ANC Ducky. I salute Joshua for his wit and a quick mind. The speed at which he embraced Ducky's NASA idea as the 2017 NARC that showed Gidi's papa and his project UK dust in 2002 was the best way out to clobber UK once again now that he had fully grown into his own man. The story sold was that he was still just a grown up baby and without the cover of ICC, he would be an easy target despite the presence of Bill, a very ambitious and sharp political machine feared by Joshua for his eloquence and oratory prowess which Joshua knows he lacks. The problem with Joshua s that he is a captive of the chief of Ugenya and this was the final stroke that was designed to break the camel's back. Perhaps, Kenyans will ask why Giorgi O'Leary a much senior legal mind from the Siaya brains archive was this time not enlisted to fight Joshua's cause at the Supreme like he did in 2013? I have no idea but I suspect he did not believe there was solid ground on which to stand as he launched his servo realizing the same guard dogs were still quite alert and had also hired a few complementary attack Chihuahuas. Fortunately, the Siaya giant had found a fresher team to mentor and use to steer the petition kayak through the rough white waters, that Kenya politics has become. Tiende, Mogyne, Luoch came in handy to supplement the ageing Paulo and fuel up the battle with a bit of academia power of mwalimu Koongu who didn't inspire with his lecture in Governance 101 drawn straight from the text book and a failed attempt to re-define what burden of proof should be modified to look like and how it would shift gears from petitioners to the respondents in view of a very unique Kenyan opportunity to establish a new jurisprudence. The rain however started to beat us pretty hard when the respondent 1 and 2 defense teams took to the front bar mat to address the matters and blow by blow in a sequence with their well researched thermal sensitive targeted ground to ground missiles, there was no doubt the challenger had been immobilized substantially at which point Joshua and his assistant and handlers had no option but vanish quietly. It was a wise move not to sit and wait for the bombardment of PLO that thundered like hurricane Harvey to a point that when he finished he wanted to know if any clarification was needed from to which the response was not at all, he had been quite clear. As Respondent 3's team come to move their launch pad into position for the last final attack, one wonders what will be the impact to an already pounded target similar Mosul in Syria. Ours is to wait and witness how this spans out.

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