We will unleash a bomb in the Supreme Court, what we have will shock the whole world - ORENGO

..will unleash during the hearing of the court and will shock the world.

He vowed to prove how President Uhuru Kenyatta rigged his way back to power with the help of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“We will unleash a bombshell at the Supreme Court.”

“We will demonstrate and prove that there was fraud and rigging in the election,” Orengo said.

Orengo further claimed that he has never seen rigging of that magnitude as he witnessed in the last elections.


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  1. Which bomb when U avoided Supreme Court first heheheee

  2. Most of Nasa 25000 documents are written Raila tibbim, Orengo is day dreaming

  3. You NASA lawyers why do you chest thumb about this case? Why don't you keep cool like the Jubilee team of lawyers? Orengo is behaving like this as if this case is the end of the world.

  4. Since you have presented your case to court,leave it to them to determine the merit.Stop giving us your version.

  5. We are waiting. Bomb kills is that not so? Lets wait. either side can become a casualty, mostly the carrier of the bomb.

  6. Let's face it and for once be frank with the Kenyans beyond the NASA support base. I challenge my learned senior counsel Jimmy to remove his panoramic eye glasses and look straight to the Kenyans and tell the truth about the rigging story he has peddeled all along before, during and after over 15.5 million Kenyan voters endured long lines and harsh weather to make a choice of their leaders from a broad list of distinguished men and women that presented themselves for election in six slots. I know the presidential slot was and still is the critical election with very high stakes across the political spectrum. Thag does of course mean every serious contestant invested heavily in the campaigns to secure victory. Nonetheless, we must be fully cognizant of the reality of any contest, there has to be a winner, a tie or a looser, which is clearly on notice in our Constitution. Equally, the Supreme Law also provides a pathway for pursuing electoral disputes not just at the presidential election but also for the other five slots. When Jimmy thundered the country and the world that his team of NASA were not for the court dispute resolution option and they were to present their matter to the court of public opinion, it is obvious NASA was not seeking a resolution to their issue that could remedy the problem short of a revolt. This is easily said in press conferences but tough to manage without risking security of the Kenyans and their property. I stand to be corrected if Kenyans know of any political civil protest that starts and ends peacefully. We must have all seen the difference labour dispute protests or demonstrations have in comparison. This is not anything majority of us, Kenyans would want to experience after we tasted the 2007/08 post elections violence and its impact on many fronts. If Jimmy has advised his NASA leaders to travel along this pathway, then I dare say he has failed as a judicial officer of the High Court and he has no excuse for this. However, common sense has now had to prevail the NASA Principals on realizing there is very little local and international support for a revolt. Their decision to file a petition at the Supreme Court has been hailed by Kenyans and all friendly leaders of the world. This is the mature path for determining if the election process was procedurally conducted freely, credibly and transparently as was generally assessed by all the local and international observers. Every stakeholder wants to know whether NASA claims hold the water and it that's the case at what point the process broke down and in which specific areas. We must all remember the electoral officials found capable are to be personally held accountable if they messed up. It is therefore critical that the Supreme Court is given space to freely and independently undertake its Constitutional mandate of looking and prosecuting the issues in the petition on basis of the law and evidence to be adduced by the petitioner and counter argued by the respondents named in the petition. The ruling of the Supreme Court is final and must be respected by all, even if some Kenyans may choose not to agree with it partially or wholly. We all as Kenyans are obligated to give the Supreme Court the space to exercise it's mandate without subjecting it to redicule or intimidation from any quarter.

  7. Just like the 10 million votes??. Give us a break Orengo. It is the high time that Siaya youthful leaders claim their right to lead. These old men have been around for too long and doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


  9. What has the fluffy eared Lawyer got to tell people . let him tell it to his inlaws who ran from the country

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