We only have one week, RAILA is going to call for bloody countrywide mass action - DAVID NDII insists

…some people try to restore dictatorship,” Ndii said.

“If change cannot come through the ballot, it will come through the bullet,” Ndii added.

He insisted that the coalition will not just accept and move on, a call that President Uhuru Kenyatta has been making.

NASA is challenging Kenyatta’s win saying that they have in possession evidence that proves that his win was fraudulent.

But the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has maintained that the August 8th election was free and fair and NASA leaders are just losers who are seeking attention.


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  1. No wonder Railas daughter is sick and blind. Cursed jaluo Philistine, devil worshipper.

  2. What is treason if what David Dii is saying is not treasonous? Is the constitution silent on the issue?

  3. I watched Mr. Ndii talking the said trash, but he should understand that when NASA calls for mass action this time round we will engage them(leaders including him) with equal force and spare mwananchi to Mwananchi. So, let him tell the other NASA diehards leaders and all will see the fireworks themselves not their supporters

  4. This so called head of strategy failed in his job. He is now trying to distract from his failures. Firstly he failed to implement strategy for opposition to unite. Secondly his tallying centre and adopt a station was a shambolic affair. Thirdly his manifesto was piece of incoherent junk and the killer was that fake system log he cruelly gave to RAO as hacking evidence. Who in their right minds takes advice from this fellow!!

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